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Shut down in Hartford county. Everything you need every time you listen. WTO P news. This is WTO news. 6 22, the acting architect of the capitol is dismissing several top officials marking the latest shake up in the agency after the former head was removed back in February. The hill reports the architect of the capitol's general council, chief financial officer, chief administrative officer, CEO for visitor services, and chief of staff were all removed. The changes were announced in an email to staff. Now a few details are being offered as to why they were actually fired. The former architect of the capitol, Brett blanton, was fired by President Biden after an inspector general report accused him of abusing his government car and pretending to be a law enforcement officer. Many more of us are flying again after the huge lows during the height of the pandemic and complaints from passengers are also way up. The number one complaint from airline passengers was not getting refunds quickly enough Theresa marias with the U.S. public interest research group, a nonprofit consumer watchdog organization. We wouldn't have seen something around 15,000 complaints last year about refunds if they were being issued in a timely fashion. She says the best advice is to know your rights, for example, if your flight is canceled for any reason. Consumers are entitled by law to a full refund. Overall, the Department of Transportation received 33,000 complaints against airlines last year. That's more than triple the number of complaints that were filed in 2019. Nick and Ellie, WTO P news. From the heir to the roads, drivers who use the northern section of the GW Parkway should plan for delays later this month that will likely continue for more than two years. The busiest section of the Parkway completed in 1962 is coming under a complete rehabilitation to accommodate the work a temporary lane in the median will be used as a reversible lane effect of April 15th. Morning rush traffic will move in two southbound lanes and one north between four 95 and route one 23 in the evening there will be two northbound lanes and one south, weekdays at midday and weekends will be just one lane in each direction

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