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Put a great number put all the same numbers. But it's never been able to to you know, kick through the door and and playing the Super Bowl, and it's unfortunate because to me this was his best opportunity. This was this is this might have been his most well-rounded team since he says he's coming to the National Football League. This Los Angeles chargers team, really really gonna both sides of the ball, and unfortunate because coaches went able to Jess and do the things defensively to kennel with the pace was doing too little rivers now sitting at home, which is unfortunate because he really had a great season this year. And I'm looking at Gus Bradley's resume four year. Head coach, Jack. Jacksonville. His record was fourteen in forty eight. His best season was a five and eleven in Jacksonville in twenty fifteen prior to that four years as a defensive coordinator under Pete Carroll in Seattle his last year twenty twelve he had the number one ranked defense in points allowed number four in yards allowed. And then after that he becomes the head coaching Jacksonville that spoke for over the last two years. He's with the chargers. Okay. They were number. What is it? Number three last year this season that eighth in terms of points allowed. But I just don't know what to say about Gus rally right now in light of what I just saw having said all of that. Let me transition. My surprise my disappointment of the weekend Damian was charges. My shock of the weekend. My surprised at the weekend was the Kansas City Chiefs beating Indianapolis the way that they did to for any to be playing the way that it's been playing and then go down and Kansas City seventeen enough. Before they had a chance to pass gas was shocking to me. What did you make what you saw from that game? Particularly the beginning when Kansas City jumped all over them and went out to a seventeen and nothing lead. Yeah. Listen, I think that the most surprising thing was ways the cancer is chiefs that defense play be defense. They literally would the ended up Costa officer line which come into the game..

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