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Three to one and hey, we're back. So Juliette is obviously September seventeenth. There's a lot of interesting news headlines that are happening not so interesting and I want to burn up any podcast time talking about them right for reminding all of you guys Jillian. And our staff reporters do right about the latest news headlines Ask pertains to real estate every single day. So make sure you are going to tim and Julie Harris Dot Com to Mentally Harris Dot com and also get on the newsletter. So we'll send you the latest headlines. I think there's usually four six new articles that come out today are per day articles are not fluff pieces. We not gonNA focus on celebrity housing and all this other Mickey Mouse we focused on the things that are most relevant to you every article that our staff writers write our design essentially to educate you guys but also give you information that will then Allow you to educate your your potential customers. So just visit Tim and Julie Harris. Dot Com Ado continue consider subscribing Julie Welcome today show S-. Thank you I'm glad that you mentioned that because the other great use for the articles that are posted every day is for you to have reasons to talk to your database. You know in men came out today talking about how you might think that your database all belongs to you but there's a lot of innovation out there right now and There's a lot of different types of requests that people want you know the contactless closing or a virtual tours or whatever the case may be. So go to the website are we're providing for you glean some articles, talk about those things make a lot of people don't call their clients their database because they just don't know what to talk about. We're giving it to you. So now you have no excuses. Well, it's interesting. You should mention men because they were doing a story or maybe what? They're was doing a story about the fact that essentially what we've been telling you guys since the beginning of forever that the greatest sport of manner always made during the greatest times of change and obviously you know that's manner women right and so the and the way to translate that is when there's the most change going on that's when the opportunities that would never happen in a more you know. What would you call it stable you know economy are going to those. Only arise when there's massive amounts of change because it causes the institutionalized players to be back on their heels and then creates cracks that new businesses and new ideas can slip in and that's what's happening in the economy right now. But and we've been telling you guys that we words the takeaway from that is don't be fearful of change because if you're essentially. Focused on the opportunities in front of you but also looking towards the horizon, you're going to see that the horizon is going to present a lot of opportunities that never would have happened pre pandemic. So just where it's worth whatever's happening next in the economy whatever dooming looming economic headlines are going to be all over the news today ignored office just remember the more turbulence. There is the more opportunity there is for you to entity in the as as this article that I mean, this is what the articles talking about. What they were talking about is essentially what Julia was just saying but underlying that with the fact that you're centers of influence in past client lists..

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