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Why this way aws with the west doing supporting i left my saad with his instructor bill the fund mad hicks so i'm coming down ongoing tosa i go on a hillside hillside toes got the cans on i'm listen to go and capable sides now joni mitchell wrote this sixty four i told you about it she slide up at a plane just look at life through the clouds that she gets above the cloud she's looking down she has a different perspective so what for whatever reason this is really resonated with me right now and i am kicking some ha goingto son and he'll so he'll sideways had no side to my story i'm up i'm probably going about sixty miles an hour deal in pretty good about myself and then all of a sudden power pole time for tech's that sex signed there you go a powerful visited a power poll some kind of poll is in the way oh a poll big pole oh no eddie her yourself i didn't hit the poll but let's just say i i was reminded that i'm fifty and i i didn't know i can do snow snow cartwheel's like six of them in a row and my border still on my on my son looked at any when daddy that was the most epic wipe out ever seen why does nobody has a way of humbling you're just when you think you've got a toe side hillside hillside toes sides on on that means next thing you know there's a pole in you got rounded and then and then glenn was still singing on my headphones and i kind of bugging me though because unlike can you be so calm well is this cheek this chick i got it on both sides so i know a joni mitchell's was talking about she was a devout clouds either that's that's what he'll say temps now i get a text messages night eight nine seven three chris martin is here and he's going to match my energy right now archie chris i.

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