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Coming back through the Cold War and Ronald Reagan, and it really is quite striking that there is so much waffling on the Russian threat right now. Richard Haass that there was a consistency. He was critical of Brock Obama for not being tough enough on Russia at times critical of George W Bush for not being tough enough on Russia, but. The only difference between McCain's criticisms then and over the past year was then he was joined by fellow Republican senators who also saw the importance of holding the line against Putin's expansionism now. So many of those Republicans grew silent, which is why John McCain's voice was all the more necessary in the age of Trump. In many ways, John McCain represents the main tradition of American foreign policy. And as you were suggesting, what's so worrisome or bizarre, choose whatever word you want about this moment is the mainstream in many cases has been relegated to being outsiders or minority, but we have in some ways what I would describe as the most radical foreign policy of any far of any American president. Now since Harry, Truman, John McCain was firmly in the Truman through Reagan through George Bush the senior and so. Fourth tradition, very internationalised, supporting allies, working through international institutions from working closest with with democratic countries, tough towards Russia, worried, look slightly about China, and suddenly we have something extraordinarily different than the fact that it stands out the telling and one of the worrying things at last year's, whether it's foreign policy or anything else is where is the congress. This is supposed to be the classroom American foreign policy holding hearings challenging the president when they disagree raining them in providing resources where they think is necessary. And all too often that the congress has been been missing an action. Jon Meacham notice better than anybody. We used to speak about the imperial presidency office lesson junior and other historians used to worry about the accumulation concentration of power in the hands of the presidency when it comes to foreign policy. Well, guess what? We still got it. And if anything it's stronger than ever and it's because they weren't another people enough people like John McCain, essentially challenge challenging presidential perogatives when the president was driving the train off the tracks. Let's go to the White House. Now, NBC news Pentagon correspondent Hans Nichols is with us also in Washington, former NATO supreme allied commander retired, four story at navy Admiral, James Savita. He's chief international security diplomacy analysts NBC news and MSNBC and an operating executive at the core Lyle group Hans. Let's start with you. Give us the news over the weekend regarding with Korea. Well, there's an incredible shift on Friday from the president cancelling that trip. While Mike Pompeo, the secretary state was planning to head to North Korea, took a lot of people by surprise. The Pentagon didn't have any advanced warning about at least the officials we talked to. So there is there big changes going on there. It's uncertain. Just what's driving this. The president blame China on trade. But when you talk to. And then violating the sanctions. But there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of evidence that China has radically changed their behavior in regards to trade with North Korea? Yeah, there might be some softening along the border with a few truck transfers, but nothing tectonic, Joe, Joe just real quickly on on McCain here at the White House. It doesn't appear that they're in mourning any longer. I just checked the flag. It's not hats half-staff today. The flag here at the White House was lowered yesterday today to peers to be still up. Dawn has just broken, so sometimes they lower bring it down at night, but not a flights on it. And you contrast that with the congress on Capitol Hill, it's still is half staff. So it looks like Senator John McCain only getting a pass staff for one day here at the White House. Joe. Admirals ravidas. We're, we're past being surprised by anything that Donald Trump does. Let's talk instead about character and John McCain of fellow navy man. Before we get into North Korea, give us your thoughts on the life and the legacy of great man huge loss for the nation as we've been discussing. But if I may an enormous loss for the US navy, son and grandson of four star admirals really part of the naval air stock recy- served so bravely in Vietnam, but what we treasure about John McCain or the memories of him as the rebel with a cause, particularly when he was a midshipman at the naval academy, he went over.

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