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All expect Romney is in isolation Gee that's too bad the Texarkana searching of G. that's too bad got a problem with that right not just on the show can I get out of the president's response to Mitt Romney self quarantine one more time stimulus package all expect Romney is in isolation yes Gee that's too bad our customer service number phone number I we look look part of we always say we want our politicians to be honest right but I mean you should he said what did he want to be under any sort of quarantine or whatever related this is terrible that being said we always say we want politicians to be honest let's do that wow wow then there's this do you buy this according to a local newspaper in western New York Harvey Weinstein Weinstein Stein was put into isolation after testing positive for corona virus this is according to a local newspaper in western New York because that's where he's locked up at Harvey Weinstein Stein it's got the corona virus V. that's too bad well you give him hammer two weeks I don't think he has it at all I think he's just using regular jobs absolutely do that in the government like send that out that you've tested positive I don't know where your tinfoil hat I don't believe a word that comes out of Harvey Weinstein's mouth not at all he's trying to get it to the point where he's just in isolation and it doesn't have to be around any other he wants to be separated from everyone right ten seed do you think the whole schtick with wind Steen or the whole thing with wants to restrict the Walker and all that stuff was made up yes the only thing missing was like the neck brace the big white you know in a neck brace like you see in all season eighties movies or somebody's walking into a courthouse all right coming up next we get a little legal stuff here the Attorney General Curtis hill says Indiana travelers need to know their rights with all this cold at night it's.

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