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Have to see the layout it is awesome it's easy to be able to subscribe there's a big link click here to become a subscriber there's different tears and again the early staff is greg vidar john mechanim chris the price and brian rob on the celtics would bruins coverage to come and who knows where it goes from there greg congratulations you are off to a rousing start the website looks great and hopefully we can do this more often than not during the year thank you my friend i appreciate chongola from grosse extra sport pre should never goes greg but dart of boston sports journal dot com i'm really not over hyping the website it's great stuff uh it's well laid out it is very easy to use the section super easy to find and it's live basically until next week and then it goes up behind the paiwand all its i mean it it it really isn't much honestly they've when you when you click on the the the whole become a subscriber mean you can get it for a year for under35 box and all the edge trust me when i tell you because i've known greg long time now uh just his breakdowns i counted said flippantly during the the interview we love filled study it really is true icy awraz on by the uh the soul is human in afternoons upon the monolith in boston because he would crank on us for talking about a certain play it actually having watched the tape like one a novel concept in and that's a part of what a petard brings and then there is the jaw jackinthe conor mcgregor brings except this time it wasn't directed floyd mayweather we'll tell you which nba player caught the wrath of mcgregor next.

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