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Komo Suzanne Phan takes a closer look at the traffic alternatives and the expected chokepoints Monday morning, the detours around the city and region could see a major crush of traffic that'll be rough. But we'll we'll survive. This is the longest pleasure we've ever had in Puget Sound. It's going to impact all of us, even if you live in Bellevue or you live in Lynnwood at the city's transportation management center workers will monitor traffic twenty four seven they'll be watching for any problems and trying to keep the roads. Clear embarrassment finding alternate routes if you're commuting in and around the city, here's what you can expect first and fourth avenues might be an option for people living in west Seattle. But I five is likely to see most of the diverted traffic people coming from the south Mike choose to go around. The city on I four zero five that too could see some serious backups though when the Videx shut down in two thousand sixteen some alternate routes through Seattle were overwhelmed. Data comes from traffic consultant firm in Rick's, first and fourth avenues between the stadium and Spokane street so travel times jumped twenty nine percent that could add twenty minutes on an hour long commute the commute from the north came to a crawl drivers move forty four percent slow around the ship canal bridge, a one hour trip became one hour twenty five for those IFO five from Renton and beyond that detour was also hit hard between state route one sixty seven and I ninety bridge trip times grew eighteen percent. That added twelve minutes to an hour long drive. But the worst jams by far those coming on I five south of the city travel times, they're increase fifty-one percent drivers all across the region are going to feel the frustration city leaders cannot emphasize enough give yourself a lot of extra time.

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