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Radio rachel sutherland joining us from washington a and again ah we mention the the words from texas senator's as they have been tweeting about this and who tweeting their support for the people of snuggle in springs taxes on this very tragic and dark day that's right senator ted cruz has tweeted thing keeping all harmed in sutherland springs in our prayers ungrateful for our brave first responders on the scene also john cornyn truly heartbreaking news in federal in springs police say a prayer her first baptist congregation percy's understand the community there other lawmakers weighing in as well a house speaker paul ryan thank reports on taxes are devastating the people sutherland springs need our prayers now in former texas governor rick perry who is now energy secretary treating in media and i that's life send our prayers to the victims of the shooting in texas no shortage of reaction to what's going on even as the president travels in asia he says he is monitoring the situation from japan we also have seen at tweet from daughter ivanka trump thank god bless the people a sutherland springs texas our our country's heartbreaking for the victims and their families we love and our with you as you mentioned canal not much is known about this shooter accept that this person is no longer alive we don't even know police are saying that they took him down but it could have been a suicide often in these cases that the shooter dis along carbonell tenaga's full well as they're going into it and unite covered a lot of these and unfortunately they situations attending know full well they're not getting out of this thing alive and i would imagine that is where away waiting this news conference with the texas governor and other federal authorities nafta police in in other authorities are are chinatown it out as much as they can about this person the motivations whether or not he he left anything behind us to a written statement as to what is motivations were little you know who the gunmen is we don't know what the motivations could be in times like these you have to be patient as we watch for these situations to unfold fox's radio's rachel sutherland in washington again we'll mentioned another tweet that we have seen from the americas un ambassador nikki haley saying praying for the families of settlements springs a churches the.

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