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I know as a football player when a guy coming to attack me. Tackle me are hit me. I know how to get out of it. I know how to counter what he's gonna do. So no one knows counterreaction. So this we as i say the sweet science boxin i wanna learn s science about eight months bare minimum row off the grass the expertise of knocking somebody out in fairness fair enough. Yeah i would. You should fight. Ocho cinco wants conor mcgregor. He fought on the undercard. You should you should find another nfl player to start. I could find a lot of granite. I love all the guys i played with and against but there's a lot of players that got egos and just be an easy fine put out there. S a. i'm talking to the former off former. Nfl players come become. Catch me outside in the ring. Somebody hit me a we. We should happen back. Well i'm telling you man if you put a on green versus whoever on the undercard of one of these next because we're gonna be another and another and another you wanna know why because there's lots of money i think we could get. You wanna start training now man. I think this would be amazing. The agency that'd be so big. Oh my god. That was my mistake. Advertise my cousin was coming. But i made him say. She sent me a text and my younger cousins. Her kids have graduations today. Socie- she'd garrone mommy family duty of graduation parties and going to the graduation. So she'll be here in a couple of weeks here and then we have fun. Guess next week an sasha fierce said i pay a hundred dollars to watch amman. Fight someone your boss about go murphy. Yes sir is a initially goes all that crap talking to me about nothing. A about not working out joe me some muscles show me what muslims do that sausage sausage is. She's a character. I'll say that she a very entertaining player of minds. Lakeland didn't like bush up but had to do him some time.

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