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The cabin to stabilize the mother's condition. Porter Nancy Cordes says Not all planes have medics. Military personnel are being called on to deliver the babies weekend flooding in Middle Tennessee has now been declared the deadliest flood event ever in that part of the state. The raging floodwaters that swept through Waverly, Tennessee, ripped the homes off their foundations, submerged cars and left behind miles of destruction of Jesse Mitchell says more than 20 are dead and a dozen still missing. President Biden signed a disaster declaration this part of the state. Got crushed. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy describes the aftermath of Tropical Storm Andrea. It was a huge massive rain event. This is double digit inches in some cases of rain, unheard of scores are evacuated by boat, dozens of homes and other buildings. Flood the remnants of angry are also trigger three of 02 tornadoes Monday in Massachusetts. Ws produced time. 6055 minutes after the are dynamics and the atmosphere re metro Atlanta like that, Well, not today. WSB Garagiste. Christina Edwards joins us here on the day there's going to go down as hot. Thank goodness not today. We need to try out. We have picked up a good three inches over what we would normally get in an average August and we've had only nine dry days This month. Today will be number 10. Partly cloudy. A high of 93 The Heat index closer to 100. The rain returns on Wednesday a high of 90 partly to mostly cloudy with those clouds and rain showers. Moving in from the southeast. Moving northwest. Chance of rain 40% Thursday High 89 partly to mostly cloudy chance of rain 40% recapping The forecast for today enjoy the dry weather while it lasts. High of 93 Heat Index of 100. Currently it is 75 degrees on Peachtree Street and WSB meteorologist Christina Edwards. Such updates morning drive once again for the W must be cool, right carriers Guy copter not stuck. Turnbull. Sounds like Abdi is going to have to do some traffic control. And I cut through your beat by the hospital calling your road used the door side drive around to check reports of wires down.

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