Prime Minister, President Trump, Jerusalem discussed on The Global Politico


A it's been the tunnel kapil the jewish people for about three thousand years so there's this connection to it it's where our seat of government is it's where our prime minister sits in the president of the country and our parliament in our supreme court and everything else it submit of an aberration i'd say it's a terrible aberration were the only country in the world whose capital is not recognised and and we hope that will change and i hope that will happen in the days ahead we'll have to wait and see now uh tell us what this significant is of that discussion about moving the embassy in the context of the very interesting said a conversation that you have been a participant in with the trump administration around how to restart the peace process he i think a lot of people focus are they take the embassy issue or i would say the recognizing jerusalem as the cap only connected with the peace process but as you know the peace process with the palestinians began in 1993 at juices been our capital since nineteen forty eight forty nine fifty when we actually moved everything over there so what happened in those fortyfive years why was the capital phnom moved at that point and if you look at the history of it you see that the us decision a nineteen forty seven the call for two states for two peoples actually major some an international city and towards the end of the truman administration beginning of the eisenhower administration there was discussions about possibly recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and i think the truman administration should have done it at the time of course at that point we were only in half of jerusalem because between 1941 nineteen sixty seven the other half of jerusalem was under jordanian occupation.

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