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They're white. They're teenagers. They're wearing Trump hats. They believe in Jesus Christ. They have to be destroyed. Hot takes hot mess from WNYC in New York. This is on the media. I'm Bob Garfield this week why the New York Times reconsidered its play of a gruesome photo from Nairobi. The American media thing in order to shock the audience into caring about someone that far away we need to show the most extreme otherwise they won't care. Plus a TV docu series tries to bridge the gap between indigenous peoples and white Canadians reality show style. The producers thought maybe a third more contact there'd be less tension between the community. It's all coming up after this. NPR news in Washington. I'm trials Snyder. The federal government is back open. President Trump has signed the short-term spending plan funds the federal agencies affected by the shutdown that spending plan we'll ask for the next twenty one days, but if yours Windsor Johnston reports a fight over border wall. Funding is not over President Trump announced the stopgap Bill in the white House Rose Garden yesterday. I am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government congressional Democrats, including house speaker Nancy Pelosi say they're looking forward to the additional time to work toward a compromise on border wall funding optimistic I see every challenge your every crisis as an opportunity an opportunity to do the right thing for the American people. Trump says if no agreement is reached by the February fifteenth deadline he's prepared to declare a national emergency in order. To fund a wall Windsor Johnston. NPR news, Washington. Head of this warnings emergency meeting of the United Nations Security council. France, Germany and Spain are close to recognizing opposition leader, Juan Guida was president of Venezuela. All three countries say they will recognize Guida unless elections are announced in the coming week. Reporter Linda Fasulo RIA says secretary of state Mike Pompeo is set to address the council after the US on a number of other countries recognize God opened then called on President Nicolas Maduro to resign. It will be the first formal Security Council meeting on the political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and council members I deeply divided over what to do so far there is little concrete support on the council for recognising opposition leader, one Guido as Venezuela's. Interim president only the US and council member Peru have done so US allies Britain, France and Germany have called the Madero government illegitimate that have stopped short of recognizing. Dope. Russia and China. Meanwhile, back Maduro and object to international interference in Venezuela. Then as well. As foreign minister is also expected to participate in the Security Council session for NPR news. I'm Linda Zillow in New York resident Trump's friend and adviser Roger stone is out on bond after his arrest at his home in Florida early yesterday morning last night. He was on Fox News saying the indictment brought against him as part of the special counsels. Russia investigation is really about silencing him. And he said he's prepared for the fight of his life. I intend to plead not guilty. I believe I will be vindicated sewn appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight. He is to be arraigned in Washington DC on Tuesday stone is charged with lying to lawmakers about Wiki leaks witness tampering and obstructing a house intelligence committee investigation and from Washington. You're listening to NPR news. Seven people are confirmed dead. But officials expect the toll to rise sharply in Brazil following yesterday's collapse of a dam at an iron mine. Rescuers are searching for some two hundred people who remain missing Brazil's president has planning to visit the region imply over the disaster area today. Pope Francis is in Panama's part of his trip to Central America. The is to celebrate mass outta cathedral in the old section of Panama City today. US markets ended the week on a high note with the NASDAQ closing more than one percent higher. Steve Bucknor has this roundup of the week on Wall Street with software sales being projected corporate profits could take a hit. But for now. Many of the reason earnings reports have been solid enough to support share prices as usual. There were countervailing influences this week forecast of slower global growth ongoing U S China trade tensions and until late Friday. Uncertainties about the partial government shutdown. It all made for considerable market volatility though, not as much as late last year the various market forces largely balanced out the Dow rose for a fifth straight week. But only by an eighth of a percent. The NASDAQ climbed nearly as much but the s&p lost two tenths of a percent for the week for NPR news. I'm Steve Bucknor the women's title at the Australian Open belongs to Naomi Osaka. She'd be Petra Nova in the women's final today. Asaka lost at three championship points in the second set, but came back in the third to claim the Australian crown the winner so Sokha's second consecutive grand slam victory. This is NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the corporation for public broadcasting and the estate of Joan Kroc whose bequest serves as an enduring investments in the future of public radio. And the John D and Catherine T MacArthur foundation at macfound dot org. Next time on the New Yorker radio hour in exonerated, man. Takes on the prosecutors who sent him to death row speaking in terms of what is a crime would is attempted murder. If I'd say you that this tiny two dollars from me. But I continue he tried to kill me. That's next time on the New Yorker radio hour.

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