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In the especially in some verticals where we perhaps don't have as much advertising weight as we shut so this was a very natural fit for us to be clear you're still in the magazine business ride sometimes a title like again by the time is comes out some one may may have bought rolling stone and when when a title i bet comes up her a forbes or maybe in the future fourteen people say other brand has a lot of value and i could see taking this to other territories and we could do something than online and maybe there's a rolling stone hotel we could do in malaysia but you're still in the business of of first and foremost creating in magazines selling them selling advertising actual print but print a in the us to take our us business for example our profits are twothirds printed onethird digital and so we want to be good at both nwc digital as a very important driver of profits and uh i think we're uniquely profitable in the digital space and so if you look at what we've done in the in the last six months we've announced new digital partnerships with sean to rhymes ish shwee she took her oliver content and she's working be building in your digital channel it we've want a new print magazine with three drum and call pioneer woman that was the bestselling magazine in the united states when eliza on sale and while he will listen to this show won't know who reached roman yeah so i bet if you can stand on the roof in see the ocean you probably will not appreciate re but um uh certainly in walmart's and other locations in the middle of the country we sold over three hundred fifty thousand copies of the second issue for the first issue we had to go back on press that the demand was so gracious kind of a martha stewart but not instead of being waas being connecticut shoes middle america an well she's based in oklahoma and socialist louder in so she's got a huge fan base and so she in a shelter brand the old fashioned way great content blogger tv show books and so by the time we came out with.

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