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Maybe the Red Sox shortstop just need to get the monkey off his back to get into the home run column, but he did it with his first long bald season in yesterday's win over the Blue Jays. Bogart's also drove in three runs. Winning pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez has been Bogart's teammate the last seven seasons and left I can always count on him for offensive support. How anything being exposed to you How good he is. You know, Like I've been watching too much. I know. I know. Every time you step on the play, something good is gonna happen. No, man. That's how special he is. I love the way he played all the time. The way he go out there like after he the homer. He come to me and say that I got you go out there now and do your thing, You know, so that's something that really good. That's really appreciate him and every time I'm pitching, and he doing things like that, Rodriguez believes Bogaards for Homer 35 times this year, the three times Silver slugger winter laughed and said. He's never had 35 in a season Socks Jay's again tonight. Adam Kaufman, WBC Boston's news radio. Alright, traffic time 11 13. It is Hump Day. The super retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the three So from the pump to the bumps in the road with Kevin again, and we got a good amount of bumps out there. That's for sure. This one again down on the Cape Route six westbound to separate crashes being cleared here before rou won 49 of that Barnstable stretch. She got slowdowns approaching that and then expect to two mile backup trying to head off cape over the Sagamore Bridge with that ongoing work, Has he down the one lane each direction Route three North bound. You've got to slow down here out of Rockland getting up past Derby Street in Hingham 24 South bound over a mile back up into that left leg work crew after route 44 here in rein him trying to get down into that Taunton stretch. 4 95 north bound over two miles back up into the right lane cruise after Route 44 in Middleborough, South bound 4 95 Watch out for that right lane closure before Route one Here exit 14 and Plain villas. Cleanup continues from that earlier truck fire we have there Now. The expressway toe worth found. You could make it up Tombo Road. Looks like a little slow coming up through Columbia Road. Beyond that, you're okay. South bounds. Busy now South Bay down through Savin Hill, and then again, East Milton.

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