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Oh don anytime you're in town please come back and stop by again for another conversation at three seventeen gimmick street and once again the album is don jamieson communication breakdown and i think the best place to download the saying his own atoms for nandonet check out and own twitter you can find on his twitter handle is real don jamieson j a m e s o n own twitter real don jamieson so anyway that's my conversation for today but before we get into non as dame kid running down the sidewalk with a dog running behind him i'm sure that's the same damn dog has been you happened as fooled head off making my damn hair turn gray well if i had here it would be great because of that little bastard hey man i'm fixing to get on an airplane and head down to new orleans louisiana i guess i'm heading outta here from three sixteen gimmick street i'm gonna head down there on friday i sign autographs on saturday and sunday and i'll be signing for pretty good while these probably the only two appearances i'm going to be making this year if you hadn't got a ticket hopefully their stumps still left love to see over there i'm looking forward to seeing everybody from what i hear everything i've gathered at that russell connor is going to be about two hundred guys and girls over there so i'm looking forward to seeing everybody like i've been telling you about and i'm looking forward to meeting the people people were don't go steve austin fans i'll tell you what man i had a good time in a business and very rarely making personal appearances and make an east to april seventh and eighth at wrestlemainia i'm looking forward to seeing the paper view i'm wondering how everything is going to shake out tonight well it'll be tomorrow as you listen to podcasts but i'm looking forward to watch this week's monday night raw and this week's smackdown to see how these go home shows do and you know point the direction as we had.

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