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The android system works in you know not the most highest quality handheld devices but you can afford it and there's that but john was better be honest with you right now could care less. If i ever had another iphone again. I i really could care less. The only thing i miss is i message because a lot of my friends have i try iphones and they always try to semi an i message and it only comes to my computer now right yeah. That sucks sorry john. I think that's one of the biggest things that i would use but they should use. You guys should use what's app because that's universe aw yeah what's up. It's huge so i've been i've been trying to figure out i might be working on another platform to build community as well because i'd also don't wanna use facebook and i'm thinking more worldwide what other people are using what other places people are downloading information and and whatnot and i'm going to be doing some marketing based on that but i mean you can't take it away from you know from apple that just being featured like that all of a sudden. I got all of these extra downloads and i'm like oh all right. The the interesting thing is going to be how many stick around right because it's like meat and they'll download your girl. Oh my god come on fascinating donating though my god i made so many jokes in that show. I was laughing all by myself. I was like i am being so silly in this show. I scripted it. All of course what's wrong with that well. That's what i'm saying. It's illegal yourself so it's kind of yeah and there's times where i wish and then john i was thinking about you. I'm like i can't even ask you. I can't even ask you to edit this because you know comedy so then like when you're listening to somebody's rhythm with a comedy show. You'll know like this is where the sound comes in this is where she landed the joke or this is where she whatever you can put that. You can't hear me say even if i say to you here's the joke gentlemen pedal of her moneymatters starting. She started wanting her to narrow but it was all in spanish. She wanted me to edit it and i i can't yeah you. How could you i wasn't able to so she got somebody else but then she came back and changed it back to english with some spanish flavor and i can do that so that happened. It's like it's impossible to know what to cut. Yep exactly clearly goes. <hes> spanish is the same as in english well yeah and and so is <hes> in mouth. Noises are the same but elsie young boy knows pasta can plug casserole solvay fought broadcasting. Call my god nobody protests go find e._s. Crowbars links and the show notes but rose listen listen and we have another like pod lord in our in our here yeah i had. I heard a rumor that that you're on a show recorded last week with jim harold when he asked me almost fell off my chair because all the big names are there air and she was on words. I've never been on hooah jackson rob jackson. Lee procup up was interviewed so excited and it was nice to sit down with jim and talk podcasting so it'll be up next week. I'm surprised podcasting show about podcast. He just started fourteen fourteen years after the fact knows that he's in podcasting you know well. He has a popular campfire his campfire show. I used to his shows shoes for awhile good job. You'll have lincoln the show notes you guys for that show and all of the other shows and i think that that's about it. If you have not heard i heard the special bonus episodes of jessica and myself <hes> answering some questions for the she podcast super squad. Please do so so you'll get a little bit behind the scenes of what we do every week back in the super squad which is an incredible little <hes> community. It's really growing and we're getting a lot done in there so please sign up for a patriot for five dollars a month. Y'all aw five starbucks like one day a week. Just like think put away another five dollars like you're.

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