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In the music industry that their whole purpose alive is protect us their whole goal is to protect him and his reputation make sure he's okay so even if she told someone a publicist manager the producer anyone you know he did this to me will what did you do did you provoke him you know did you through but we you how is your tone as any of those things matter the fact that she was abused and so i think you know it's possible that she internalized that as well one i there were a few people that i told about the abuse before i got out of it i mentioned one was pastor i told someone else as well in even they were like well you need to think of ways to get him not to hit you you need to be something it to me need to think of ways to get back to openers able if unbelievable it's the info they will likely you you speak to him in a better way can you just create peace in your home in it doesn't feel the need to be violent it was still on me it was only so i imagine kelly's carries a lot of guilt you know curious a lot of blamed blurb attributed blames her in even if she you know hit him or even if she was abusive as well because that's fuss into an herb used as well but even if that's the case whenever she hit her whenever he initiated violence he was in the abuser in that's not her responsibility that's not her fault she has no fault there and i think a lot of dictums find fault in themselves because we're told that there is folks in us especially if we're doing something that's anti society for doing something like saying because cling stay with him just like they would make sense but they were staying there in so to society she's automatically responsible because she could have left quote unquote no you could've walked up to the door you could have been gone you could have stopped him differently could not hitting back you could've could've could've all these things so surely you're also responsible because it wouldn't have happened again if you weren't there these all things that were told in it's so easy to know is that it's easy to internalize because you already are in paying your already emotional turmoil in you're already thinking of ways to get out of ups whether it's hippies ending or they're having to leave whatever that would suck you're already thinking of ways in someone's selling you will the way to get it to stop is to behave differently you internalize that you think okay if i just act differently it'll stop mini never does because it's not our fault you know it's interesting that you were in i just want to put this on the table because it really bothers me when people bring this up not use specifically but when people bring up oh will you know maybe she did hit him or you know men can be abused to sure you know wasn't the dynamic here is like i don't think nobody believes that you know that they were equally aggressive in this case deng karen you know ninety nine point nine nine percent of the time and it'd be relationship when a man gets hit or hurt it's because the woman's probably trying to protect yourself right defenders one and those one point zero zero zero zero one percent cases where that's not the case you know we can talk about that separately way isn't agreed to be in the conversation usually another wanna be dismissive of the men who experienced domestic violence or like know the statistics numbers are out there but when a woman is talking about domestic abuse situation that's just not the right moment to talk about what she may have done no definitely i think one of the frustration things about in here lateral men's rights activists on sadly here communes rights activists but the earth even frustrates feared out.

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