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The gospel rings out with new meaning at saint john paul the second catholic church who belongs in the united states it's the central question of the nations raging immigration debate and one that the parisioners here are confronting ever since this quiet countryside in eastern tennessee caught the attention of the federal government continue to strive to love one another despite differences despite languages pastor steve power recalls the scenes at his church after immigration agents known as is rated the mobile slaughterhouse on april fifth they took ninety seven undocumented workers into custody to face deportation many have since been released on bond but twenty four people are still an immigration detention it was the largest single workplace rate in a decade and so they would never want to repeat kind of a triage day if you can think of being a battlefield rumors are flying no one's quite sure what's happening trying to get information back and forth we're running food baskets to homes that are housing five six families but when i thought was amazing is seeing the change of hearts that people had the compassion that people had this is a conservative area more than seventy five percent of voters ported donald trump in two thousand sixteen the pastor powell says the consequences of the raid made many change their position on immigration and none more so than cindy dell.

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