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You're the man you're the man man you're you're the leader I guess because he gets shit done eight our maybe he or maybe his arrogance or whatever it is that seems to fucking Like kind of motivates people I don't know like you. We would be a better leader, the ivory man character. He gets the girl. Oh I, agree with that I. Just think that the reason why there is to kind of bounce off of Huey be the differ like the opposite of Healy I did love every type storefront introduce huey the reaction was this is the Guy We? Make calls. Sorry starlight starlight everyone is like this fucking guide. She's like Take Your fucking wink with you she. Calls of a tweak. It's great I mean I think billy butcher's. Biggest moments come at the end episode eight was insane. The very end of the show you know the whole sequence with billy and Ryan and storefront and that whole thing. That to me was the most like his best best earned shit was that last episode. That's our all fighting star. The three women were fighting store fronts. That was great. Girls get really great. That was that was you know infinity war type of? Battle maybe wave smaller scale that seems more buying. Yeah. Way more satisfying girl power moment to yeah. Then then what they did in Captain Marvel Yeah. Yeah we Yeah Yeah. Where they try too hard, it was a girl power moment and it was satisfying because they're all fighting somebody that they've they fucking hate in how they're. They're all. They're all the powerful people like they stack this the boys with all powerful women, right? So it's. It's great to see the ball unleash. Hell not only that storm front is like a despicable person throughout the whole thing she's. Playing on people's emotions she's under she's a Nazi. She's fucking racist. She's been around forever she's. Super Powerful, and then finally get like COM CA. MECO commune go. Yes. Can Punch one of the boys members and then Queen Maeve finally does something like it. That's a big moment that I literally was like, fuck? Yeah. This this is an awesome episode now. And they don't even killer like storefront leaves. Then you have that moment where Ryan but maybe Kinda the MVP she saved starlight from. Black. Noir with almond joy. To thought, that's how you take down Black Noir. He's got a tree nut allergy. She saves she comes and helps them there, and then she saves billy butcher at the very end from whole blinder and she's not dead which I was surprised that storm front easing GonNa get like a general grievous version of. Yeah, they're gonNA use this compound V to re bring to life dead. SUPERNOVA. Book. Yeah. They were. Yeah, there was a there was a scene where at the end where they had Some news story talking about a fire spreading, and now we've all seen lamp ladder kill himself. But in the comic, he is reanimated by compound V A couple of other heroes of quote I use a quote heroes of this a couple of other soups that are reanimated and but they come back as founder of sure They only have like three percent of their brain function kit. What what? Do you WanNa talk about their so many places I can go anybody who's got something. I WanNa talk about FRESCA. Okay. What was the deal with the FRESCA I've heard this and I don't know how true it is but there was a cult that drank cyanide in kool-aid. Yeah that's. Where we get drinking the KOOL aid from right So. When you drink in the FRESCA, you're drinking the Kool aid, you feel their version of the. explained it a little bit and I love how Edgar is like it's just a theory. It's not like a go. It's ambiguous but Edgar smart they offer a FRESCA. He's like I'd never touched that it's horrible. But I do at the end when the deep goes fuck price guide and finally just get so frustrated. But he would or if their sales are. Up Christ. Is it FRESCA, like a real brand or type of you never had a FRESCA brags come up. I had a FRESCA again here it was like a Wasn't in can like that it was just like you order it I liked it and the CAN. Sounds like you belong kicks isolate that audience. Okay, what do you think of? Homeland or trying to be a father actually. To. Ryan. Was the Ryan character interesting. He's like Breitbart is this kid bright burn I don't know it's I. Don't know what they do in the comics, but I feel like he's got nowhere to go but down. So you got to put this kid out. You got to take him out in fact, billy was about to kill him and I was like good. You GotTa take this kid out right now we'll billy decides to want to be a part of his kids life echoes. Early on in the thing in the show, he's not getting love anymore. So he's looking for someone like they promised Becca. Also only he's not even really doesn't really even care about son all he wants is to be loved. Oh. Homeland. You Steadily Sorry. Yet at least sucks I'll tell my home. Yes. Homeland or wants to be loved. So even at the end, right like he has a chance to be with his kid. Just killed billy butcher, but he just can't sell. You just can't walk away. From a millions of people loving, that's his Kryptonite that's. He just he's such a fucking interesting character because there are like parts where you're like. I can see how he got to this point. I had a fucked up childhood he was abused He was born in the lab you never had anyone to support him and he grew up you know. Unfortunately, if people had superpowers, they probably would end up more close to the boys than they do and up in marvel. So I definitely relate to. That scene where he imagines layering the crowd once they turn out. It so well, because I was like all, he didn't just we just sit here and talk about homeland receives the whole shit like when he is supposed to be a buff flowers for. Front for her and he's waiting for. Himself he just had to have a freakout. Burner, he could entrust her pardons trailer dial. That's right because he's just like we trusted choice. He went to tower and not laying there does not like to be lied to. He's like every every the crazy thing about homeland her and this is where like you know of I believe that they are using. Our president as a model I really believe that because they're the the homeland. Is An asshole. But he's not this guy and you know it's and they've added so much with the America first and like putting them at the Christian conference and Yup in in season one reflects down and he's talking about all this and that but the thing with homeland or is he has to have you he has to be front and Center Tim. Number one now yes have the top numbers be thinking about me. You know when Got Remember the blonde lady who he he burned rattle. Yes well, when when she got promoted, his first question was was not his the first thing out of his mouth in that last episode was not oak congratulations. He said wait you're still my no you're still my day to day. Yeah. Right. Like always about me it was about him with with storm front where were you how come? I didn't know where we're at. and..

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