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Listen what comes to tom. Brady don't give that dude eddie reason to be angry with you. Don't give him any reason to be more motivated than he already is. Because tom brady. Is one of those guys i mean. He yearns for a chip on his shoulder. He wants to be disrespected. He wants another reason to continue to prepare and the question was fair. You know what's his weakness. The answer is he has not freaking brady. That's the answer. Don't be honest in a situation like that. Yeah he can't run away from you. But i'll tell you one thing he has. He has the ability to manipulate. The pocket is the ability to slide. He knows every protection. He knows where everybody on. The football field is in all times and it doesn't matter that he can't move because he will dial you up from the pocket in a rate your defense and i just remember going back several years ago the from pittsburgh who talks smack on. Tom brady and tom brady said nothing until tom. Torsion for about four hundred yards and then ran right up to him and got his face and said you don't want careful what you say about me. So i know tom brady. The puts it in his back pocket and any blessed gauges stews on that day. Then man look. This is such a rookie moves. It's ease losing just rookie. Nece like we. Can't hayes rookies anymore. Because boy he needs to get hayes. Somebody knocks to him. Real quick all man does he not know talking about tom. Brady will come back on you. Like talk radio seven rings. I can name you seventeen hall of famers that oh have seven rings collectively and tom. Brady's is looking at them like atom. All update me. And now you're gonna give that guy some ammunition silly and then the way. He tried to attack tom. Brady this is crazy to me. I hate this. The fastest thing going to football field young rookie is the football and tom brady is decisive with the football. It's not about how fast you are. Football's not there. I remember playing young. Tom brady. I remember playing young. Peyton manning and i remember doing some of my best password moves. Give them staying. Sometimes you get touched by the tackle with phil like. Oh yeah. We're at ebb auto gone out their hands. Tom brady's decision maker and he's going to make a decision to come at rookie. Now you better be up for the task you don't understand. He's a rookie. Defensive tackle drafted in around was the media interviewing kabulov auto player. Boys players like very rare at ucla. A rookie third round pig being interviewed by the media. Bet just didn't none of other players. I don't want to interview tonight so we go interview. I must say double. Oh i'm also i'm i. Was tom brady weakness. Exactly what mark said. He doesn't have a weakness. he doesn't have a weakness because he's only gonna play at you. Look in depth chart. He's on a second team. If he's lucky he'll play fifteen or twenty snaps. Maybe tom brady was already back in may. When a scheduled came out we get to play put on instagram. We get the play. America's team in cats all bow. And so he's already excited for this. If they win this game. i promise shoot. He's gonna try to find his kids if it's a close game he's really don't find if it's not probably just kind of adding these in a game smile a maximum watch him out because i might not be too mobile but this mind things very fast. I think that's the key. Dj in this key being grade international qabala. It has nothing. Obviously it helps you if your athletic helps you. You're a but everybody's athletic right. Yeah it's it's the process from the neck up. How fast can you make decisions. He may be the slowest guy in the history of the pocket. But he's one of the fastest guys when it comes to recognising where everybody is not only his five eligible but where everybody is on the defense and seeing what. The defense is playing and knowing. Hey man if i get quarters. I got flat defenders. That are flying out there at the outside linebacker position. If we're getting three. I got hooked to hooks inside like who can take advantage of. Do they get their debt. Do they get the whip do they were. They're supposed to be. I know all those things. So as soon as i see and something is something is clogged up or something doesn't look on this side. Man i will throw it to a spot without even thinking about it. I'll just trigger because my brain is working so much faster than the rest of you like when you get to that level of playing regardless of position. It's like when you first start riding a bike right. You're on it and you're kinda trying to find your balance. You're your pedal said eventually you do without even thinking about it. Tom raiders even to think about it right. He's just riding a bike and he's just out there. The rookie is still thinking. And he wasn't thinking when he answer that question. Tom brady has got that in his back pocket. he's ready to. He's he's ready to unleash on thursday night. yeah. I have no idea what he was thinking. Look i'm not gonna try a rob the rookie. Because he's a rookie of his competitiveness. Like we're all competitors out there and you got to respect people but you don't have to fear him. I get all day. However i don't know what detonated the rookie like i give bulletin board material. I'm not used to microphone at the nfl level and this is my opportunity to say something. But it's silly. Because what are you using this premise. Only reason you can take this shot at tom brady or anybody is really to either. Game has fallen off or skills have fallen off. His game hasn't fallen off. He just won the super bowl and skills have fallen off because he's always been slow so for you say he's slow now like was he ever fast. He was never faster than this and it never made him to go like so. This is just silly on so many levels. And then tom brady. Brady's is going to take this in. And he's gonna used poker face the same poker face us. Anthony smith for the pittsburgh steelers cornerback when he gave him the business and this is the same poker faced. I used to see from walter jones. Who hall of fame walter poker face and say nothing to you. I don't know if he ray bulletin board material he show acted like he did. Every time i wanna get said dude. It was the same brick wall. He gave you the business. But tom brady. Is a quarterback and we're talking about a rookie defensive tackle. So how do you give him. The business. mark knows some of them wham blocks some of the as they say air hole they go russell place. What's linda for net and what's plays counterplay that come though air hole. You real quick. You're not gonna know which way is up at finished which that's right. Give him a little flash. All sudden tight end comes across goes gronk to the year whole absolute murray. He now love it. They were gonna lose a game the cowboys now. It's just a matter of a matter. They don't lose it really is and the cowboys. Pr depart minutes like a man. We got this. I promise you won't be doing any more interviews shutting down just off. it is because they nobody's. We're not preparing any harder. You're gonna prepare a way but in the back of our by when brady sees him step on a field he's going to be laughing and smiling. Adding probably make a little herb. But bill blogs were winning this game regardless now.

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