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Seven seven three three one zero one one eight seven seven seven three three one zero one one the first hour that there was a there's a reporter his name is Cooper banks good guy as a commentator on some things on the show reporter he felt that it would be cool if he came on the show and just ask me questions that he wants to know if he was really intrigued by our twenty fifth anniversary show and contemplating whether that be great because you know I there's a there's a rule I live by what is you don't make yourself the news they're doing it all over CNN with Cuomo said I have grown a virus every night we do the coronavirus report from him you don't make yourself the news you just don't you know there's a movie bombshell yeah and she says in my could be making the news I mean making the news it she is because real reporters don't want to be the news they don't want to be the story okay it's not cool we don't want to be the story because you don't you want to be the guy who's giving the story of the prisoners and now is my story of abuse that you know as I'm writing and in our biography or something like that and somebody cares about my book but that's a big reporters good reporters to want to be the story and I'm just debating about this because I was reflecting back on the twenty five years of what I've done in my career and I realize I've been reporting on a lot of things paranormal para political in the close calls with world is had for the past twenty five years including nine eleven including never in my life have I seen this you know I don't think anybody's experience this may be the older crowd maybe you remember nineteen fifty seven you know we talked about nineteen fifty seven plate but nothing like this so much hysteria so much your you know I I wanna be honest but I can't I don't know what the incentive for me to say that you know when I walk down the street or when I go outside a seasoned with a mask I just get irritated I know they're trying to protect themselves but just it retains me not because I don't think they should be protected but just takes with this is where we are in the in in the world right now we're wearing masks we're separating ourselves we're we're we're we're apart from one another what we're losing our humanity and and I think people need to understand that okay I have never in the twenty five years I've done grounds I've ever I've reported this like I said the compressor I have never once had to deal with all the stuff I talk about the apocalypse I just never thought I'd see the time where we would be in this position where the apocalypse is big business for government now we know the religion zero cash in on all the time but they do so because they wanted people to repent okay all this doomsday prophets profit stuff has been going on for a long time but now we have Nobel Prize winning scientist we have people from the WHL we have people from the centers for disease control all conspiring to tell you that your world is done this is the new normal and get what you get you get used to it and so you know and and not only you know we go back we think about climate change they said with the rolling out of those a week we have to pay that we have to redistribute the wealth of the world and then yesterday I played you Antonio Guterres he says the same thing ten percent ten percent of the GDP you must pay we need to redistribute the wealth of the world because this is how we're going to combat not only climate change but covert nineteen C. the notion of world controls becoming so obvious now but we want to do it is a tired eventually try to tire has a slip tried and true way of scaring everyone into believing they have no power at all if you we have some magical formula or vaccine or not deletion to tranquilize the envy environmental monster and to remove the monster of covert nineteen from everywhere you know what I resented for a long time many times I've been called chicken little an alarmist because now the real file the frightening foul I've taken over the United Nations and we are hearing that we believe have some imaginary arc somewhere that only those who pay up will be able to ride on it when more catastrophes come when we don't have any food in it any this is a restricted group got dynamic that's it usually happens with with colts you know it's eighty eight is found with most destructive cults don't talk to your family stay away from your family you know stay away from others this is this is called group dynamics it really is and what's odd about it is that not only do we have the cult group dynamics but we have the aesthetic to dive into now we have a comet in the sky we have scarcity and famine we have a pink moon all my gosh another supermoon we have the pink moon an omen that summer claiming strikes a chord with the end of the world playing that tune in the in the world the pink moon the result of a lot of weird things in the sky lot of people releasing the pink moon the pink moon supermoon we had a super moon back last month to but as I said we would have a a Passover mon from the seven thirty eight that's what this is because of the Passover is that I don't know if it starts tonight and tomorrow starts tomorrow I've been invited to a seder so I don't know Mr have seder with Kevin Magnussen was nice and a good time Jane brought to prime rib to say to that doesn't always happen okay she brought prime rib and we just.

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