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Yeah Rockwell one of the biggest pieces of nepotism in the history of music was it was it is uncle third very Gordy is father's father yeah either that's how Michael Jackson got on the record in this the only reason the record got sold because it came out when thriller was like the biggest album in the world so Barry Gordy son release is just ridiculous song I I'd like it and in you know Gordy says yeah Michael do this formula and you know Michael Jackson deliver accordion then this became a huge hit with the only hit the city had ever had well we all know what berry Gordy's real greatest achievements what's that the last dragon very Gordy's the last dragon the single greatest martial arts movie ever made dumping notes gymkhana is better than last dragon one of the year's who requested the rock well as going from Kenneth down in Carbondale Kenneth Hey coming up a tough for clock our good friends over at Bradley place we get the final cast the WGN TV morning news for an hour and then Steve Cochran coming up at five and the news is next from the northwestern medicine Newser all right we're talking about actors actresses who a change their bodies did body transformation for rob parts in movies Robert deniro raging bull we mention that one already which which is a big one that's like you know huge Vincent enough real in full metal jacket do you have yeah you know I mean it is getting a lot of one oh god yeah well do you know he played for in adventures in babysitting yeah him and that's before that's before full metal jacket Michael Fassbender in hunger my god I love that movie Ryan Reynolds in blade Trinity got all buff Christian bale in American hustle gain weight Evan at hair Anne Hathaway les mis lost twenty five pounds and her hair in one scene it's funny it's like yeah I remember when when exit that movies terrible ms it's terrible but like when she won the Oscar for it I was like okay so if you crying get your hair cut at the same time you can you when Oscar Ben Kingsley for Gandhi he lost over twenty pounds for it and then basically you know like obviously shave his head and all that stuff made a complete transformation let's see here is James on WGN I James are you doing all right what's up thank you all the days to you in your in your crew you too Michael Clarke Duncan's transformation for the green mile yeah he was a big man yes yeah he was a mixed start because remember his first appearance was all Oprah Winfrey show and he was he was a husky guy he was a muscular guy V. and but he yeah he should have been the whole yeah I agree all right thank you James Campbell with all right Gary Oldman when he played the role of Winston Churchill at some of that was probably the one that was prosthetic though when he wore a fat suit for that Robert De Niro got ripped for Cape Fear yeah you did did me god I hate that movie I know what's up for stakes in make up but you gotta love Tom cruise's uncredited character of les Grossman tropic thunder as I've mentioned before everybody talks about how great Robert Downey junior is in that movie too got NASCAR nomination for it Tom Cruise is the funniest performance and in tropic thunder Tom Cruise is on B. leave a plea funny in tropic thunder so how about Emile Hirsch into the wild that was the movie where he lost a bunch of weight F. for about a guy who who in ventured into the African wilderness and eventually starve to death he said I weighed about a hundred fifty six pounds when I got the part I weighed a hundred and thirty throughout most of the film so I lost over twenty six pounds to get in shape for the movie then I went down to a hundred and fifteen odd pounds for the weight loss a segment in Alaska I'm so there were two stages of weight loss he did a lot of running he was very hungry was Jennings candy all the time it's funny because normally I'm not a big chocolate bar eater but that was really what I wanted more than anything else I was like steak now I'll take it take five candy bar nice choice take five the best creative are ever Jake Gyllenhaal Nightcrawler drop thirty pounds he looks he looks really really gone in that movie Hey you scary looking yeah that's a great movie that's a really great movie Dan Gilroy out Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones the edge of reason she had a four thousand calorie a day diet she went from a size four to a fourteen she packed on Morton thirty pounds how to play Bridget Jones dementia then she lost it all Matthew fox and Alex cross he shed a fifth of his body weight to play the Amancio added a man seated villain in the heavy duty thriller Alex cross what what yeah that movie nobody even saw that movie he lost all that weight nobody even sought it's equal to the are the transmission is equal to the jail house Superman that Robert deniro cheating Cape Fear the matter in a more of a metamorphosis that was not dissimilar from Christian bale skeletal appearance in the machinist nobody recognized him and actually nobody went to go see the movie Rooney Mara the girl with the dragon tattoo to transform for her role as pale anorexic Lisbeth sounder in the girl dragon tattoo she worked out nonstop I'm before the film's release she had been on a bit of a diet when a waiter appears to take your order we're all looking at our menus but I can see out of the corner of my eye Fincher nudging Mara he says were quite seriousness you can eat look at our first reaction she rolls arising Fincher laughs you can have lettuce and great a raisin if you must all right Emma stone battle of the sexes how did I missed on transforming the tennis legend Billie Jean King she took a lot of sled pushes protein shakes and a man named Jason Walsh Emma took it very seriously yeah can she really wanted to she really wanted to do though she wanted to be it you know appear in the tennis scenes if you want to be in great shape for it again not a great movie but she's.

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