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You're listening to stress I driven by continental you feel that. I. Feel a lot better Bob extra me see. How I find out what's going on in the MLS? Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well loss. Loss everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. To try to cook up some great stuff for you guys. That's why he's here. Hello and welcome to extra time driven by continents. All My name is Andrew and I'm joined as always by my partners and Soccer David Goss mattdoyle and Caitlyn car. We have a one day was that a different inaugural? What was it was? It was we'll get to that. Just Sunday. We've got a wonderful show for you today the union made a massive statement. The Supporter Shield is back on Carlos Vela played for the first time since August and he chipped somebody's that's decent and play phrases are I mean God I don't know what to make them food. Yeah let's get to it. Maybe you like Kaelin notice the intro was different today. Maybe you know why? Before we talk soccer a celebration, a celebration of a man's life, a celebration of his impact on. So many of us, a celebration of Daryl growth are caster centreback all around good guy. It is with a heavy heart that I deliver the news that his total soccer show Coz Taylor Rockwell. So graciously in eloquently shared with our little soccer community on Friday Morning Daryl passed away last week after battling cancer with more bravery more optimism more enthusiasm than ought to be possible. He was surrounded by his wife, his mother and his friends. He was our friend. Even if we all hung out a couple of times even if you never even met him, it was smart. He was funny he was generous. He was kind be- was unlikely true leader for American soccer.

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