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Totals could range between 6 to 10 inches across Central East, Central and south central Minnesota. National Weather Service meteorologist Melissa Dye says the snowfall, though expected to come in a trickle over the next several hours. I don't think we're expecting any rates over like a half inch per hour, so so, yeah, it's going to be kind of just a long duration event. The suspect is hospitalized with non life threatening injuries after exchanging gunfire with Minneapolis police officers this morning on the city's north side, MPD spokesman John Elder says the suspect vehicle Crashed after a slow pursuit. And at that point police and the suspect exchanged fire was secret Police officer Eric Manson was at the state Capitol today just over a year after he was shot in the head by a suspect. Lawmakers have introduced a bill requiring a minimum 30 year prison sentence for attempted first degree murder of an officer, judge, prosecutor or corrections officer. The current line does not account for if the officers Are gravely injured. Almost die have to learn how to eat, walk and talk all over again, and possibly not ever return to work Make advance. It assisted her husband from the podium, saying they're turning a tragic event into something purposeful. The bill has bipartisan support at the Minnesota Legislature. 2020 was one of the warmest years on record in Minnesota. Researchers say it tied for the 13th warmest year with an average temperature of 42 a half degrees. That's still nearly three degrees cooler than the warmest year on record, which came back in 1987. This isn't an end. Hey, it's justice and drew. The holidays are over, and we've been using to get upside app now for several months, and it's become a complete part of my routine, and I'm still shocked at how much money I am saving how much money that's been accumulating. Every time I go out to do the things that I do every single week. Getting gas and groceries are here's how it works. He opened up the app. You get this cool little map you that shows you all the participating locations you check in, and you're going to get up to 45 cents per gallon..

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