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And then it finish in my in my opinion, the right way would birkhead off tackle power football. Because that's how they started this game. And that's how they won the game. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are on their way to their ninth Super Bowl together, Patrick Mahomes. The young starter will leave disappointed a game effort for Mahomes to get this game to overtime. But the greatest of all time Tom Brady going to the Super Bowl again on overtime win in the AFC championship. Thirty seven thirty one. These two teams played two games this year decided by grand total of nine points. But both times it was the New England Patriots. Who got the better of the Kansas City Chiefs one a franchise won a dynasty? We go downstairs to Rostock. The patriots are going crazy down here as you might imagine. Kevin I'm here. Join join that fourth quarter felt like a heavyweight fight haymakers back and forth. What were you guys saying on the sideline? And in the huddle just won't play at a time. We knew it was gonna go down to the battle. The and you got to the chiefs good football team. They're real good football team. We said, hey, we got to be mentally tough physically. Tough. Gotta come on the road playing hostile environment. And it's going to be sixty minutes, and we did it. And how about you third and ten couple times in overtime. Look like, you guys might be running the same play. What was working for you? Get open catch ball and it worked. You've got to do it again..

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