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The Armstrong and getty show. Chris merrily in for Armstrong and getty guys. It'd be knackers week. Show as we get ready. Wrap up here kind of a fun fun story. Is there anything more fun than hearing about somebody getting Gored I. Don't think there's anything. What the Hell is wrong with you, but Was Sean. You're just like. Hey, here's a fun story, so woman being gored. In. A classic of. A person's visit sick person visits. Yellowstone isn't aware that the actual buffalo are not like the anthem moats the word and through. What they are tunes. Fiqh but I like it. Keep going. No, no, no, you never but yeah, the these are actual beasts who don't really care for the fact that you might be trying to get a selfie. That's what it was. This was was. A last week I guess Thursday I guess story just broke them. I if I'd woman sustained multiple goring wounds before being flown to an Idaho Hospital. That occurred to the national. Park, service! Wearing that Idaho Greta? Services and stuff everything. Yes, other. She's taking very good care of their took up the NAPA. NAMPA Idaho Best City in America according to Wallethub very good. Let's see she She was at Bridge Bay. Campground North West Wyoming on the northwestern side of Yellowstone Lake when she approached within ten feet of a bison. Multiple Times to take its photo according to the Park Service Park. Visitors are asked to stay at least twenty five yards away from Bison Elk Moose and other large aminals, so she got within ten feet of the him and. Socially distancing rise the horns. Thank you like lady. You don't even have a mask on. You can't get near me. Probably have something Weirdo. Why don't you have a mask on? I am not a sex slave that wears mass, but I'm a Buffalo I don't care I am not into say masochism and Bondage Comma Buffalo. And what does that have to do with anything? Weirdo Lady. Solidify, Gord and you know this is Karen Right. She's all. Alone. The. Buffalo is so excited about this. Fun Fact Kids. Are Gluten. Free we have, them Wonderful Children, but then of course by Gore's her and she gets really upset about it. Ask. Bisons better. That was actually heard just before the, but just before the Bison Goner. By was trying to tell her to leave. She's like go away lady. That was her being Gordon right there. That, was it. And that's bad enough. News out of Washington. And And the Director of the National Institute of we'RE ALL GONNA. Die For those of you just joining us. We are all going to die yet. Bad News Friends Dr Doughty. The time has come. Bow is warning us of not corona virus. By..

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