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Of the headlines of the afternoon was that died jim lemus ejected early on in this game against the seattle seahawks against the the green bay packers excuse me but the story of the day early on in this game hawker early on in the nfl sleet was that just shawn watson was entered was was inserted as the quarterback for the houston texans at the start of the second half not the start of the second half of the season at the start of the second half he used tom savage was course bed in favor of the shawn watson and head coach bill o'brien wasn't ready to name is quarterback for this thursday night to gave against the bank i forgot this team is planning a short week he said he turned to shawn watson to give his team a spark his it will evaluate the film and decide in the week to plant after that along those lines if you're going to look at the filmmaker decision is there any way any anyway whatsoever that you can go back to tom savage for we too how i don't see it happening i don't see how heavier even tom's confidence this is shaken he was pulled in one half the i don't i don't think that the situation where he's name is done quarterback and we too i mean if you look at it's tough in the preseason right because there's so many different players when each team and you're playing against different defenses in different situations in really to be honest it's not live action because it's not real football yet and if we just look at at this game yesterday jacksonville jaguars defense was amazing but this was the only opportunity we've had to compare them apples to apples against the same team in live action and when you do that although the sean still struggled on stretch he played better than topped zebit here's the better option to me it's it's it's obvious um you have to go that way just because of the fact that what's the message or send the i guess epa talking a lot about messaging so far today and i had been playing the nfl's of far be it from me have a feel about what messaging is or is not for players but if you go back to tom savage after saying it was based off the film like what film is there to.

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