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If i can help you and you can help others and we can have more people together and we can all live up al-gain together in this episode. We're talking with evan. Carmichael even runs one of the most successful youtube channels entrepreneurs with a two point nine million subscribers which distills the mindset and skill sits needed for success from the world's top performers in sport business and entertainment from steve jobs to michael jordan and warren buffett to walt disney gary vantage called the dj who inspires people and admit called him. The modern day napoleon hill at nine thousand nine he built and then sold a biotech software company at twenty two. He was a venture capitalist raising five hundred thousand dollars to fifteen million and even wants to solve the world's biggest problem the problem that people don't believe in themselves enough forbes named him one of the world's top forty social media talents and ink named in one of the one hundred great leadership speakers and twenty-five social media keynote speakers that you need to know even spent five years getting to just seven thousand subscribers but in the last six years that's grown to a staggering. Two point nine million. So how did he get there. And what does he learned along the way and that's going to be the point of today's show. Welcome to the show even super excited to have you on. I know audience going to get so much value from today. I've been following you for a little bit differently. Dived a lot deeper into your content. Since finding out that we're going to have you on the show. And i think you've got some really interesting strategies as health officials experts. We're always looking at. How do we get more people to see what we're doing. How did we get more people to know that we exist. And i think what you're doing. Amazing and gary v kind of summarize. It really well. Which is your dj. -ing people's content so talk me through. What got you to this point. And what made you think. Hey i'm gonna take stuff that people love to see. And if i'm getting your strategy wrong by the way i helped me with this but what i've seen it is i'm taking people's content that works amazingly and i'm putting my spin on it for my audience and making it work in my favor to go viral. Yeah in hey thanks for having me on. It's good good to be here and share some learnings with your audience. I think ultimately your purpose comes from your pain right so i think whatever you struggled the most with as a human is what you want to help other people with in for me was starting my first business and i struggled a ton and the thing that helped me get through. It was marlins success. So i looked at bill gates. How we started microsoft applied that the my company started seeing some results eventually sold my business and got out and got acquired in that idea of. Hey if i haven't done it don't panic. Don't freak out don't say i suck and i don't have the skills of the family of education of the money or the resources. Whatever somebody's done it. And i can learn from them and so i started making videos to try to show people other people's journeys to say. Hey you may not have done it or maybe. Your family is an in entrepreneurship. Or whatever but you can learn from the people who have and knock can fast track your path to growth. So that started the youtube channel april. Two thousand nine and Here we are today now. Most of us don't experience a linear growth with things. It's always we're putting in the work and we're tracking out lead indicators and a lag indicator come later for you winded kind of success so to speak with the youtube with being known in that sort of space. Really start to pick up so it took me five years to get the seven thousand subscribers so from two thousand nine at two thousand fourteen. Five years seven thousand subscribers took Took a while to get there and then from the next five years from seven thousand two million subscribers and there's a whole bunch of things that happened in their one was. Youtube was a little different of a game right now. If you're getting started in thought leadership and you've got your show here is great. I could do very well when i was getting started. Nobody was making long educational content. There wasn't what you was all about. An i wasn't smart enough to predict dino or youtube is going to go. I'm just going to get in. Nearly it was really just. It was the only place to share video content. So youtube evolved and change to become a education platform as well as entertainment. But i got better to you know i was. I'm shy introverted. I'm not a big entertaining personality and it took me a while to get comfortable in front of the camera and put in a lot of reps too so i think people can get there a lot faster but for me. It took to quite a number of years to get here. Did you always in terms of how much was your content being recorded in what you thought and felt vis using the modeling example of someone else's message like a lot of us watch was really inspirational when it's a it's a catalog. If you will of people talking about a particular topic with your content with a more at the start or more of your own stuff did you add your own stuff. More and later. How did that work. It's a mix. I think as you start anything you try a whole bunch of stuff and you see what works and you see what you like doing in. It was in that combination. That i finally found something that worked and the like doing. The first matchup that i did was on kanye west like my first top. Ten success kind of video was on kanye west and that was that was never intended to be some big thing A friend of mine named mark. Who who's one of my closest friends still today made this blog post at criticized kanye west and i said hey you can. You can slam him if you want. But you should learn from him like instead of critiquing him learn from him because he can teach you a lot. Even if you don't have ambitions to be you know kanye west you can still learn a lot from his success. And so i said you know what i'm gonna make a top ten success video on kanye west just from my friend mark and i had other things to do that day but i threw it away just to make this video from mark again. I wasn't smart enough to say. I know this is going to be some giant thing for me. It was really just a one off video from arc and we put up the video and people liked it and he said hey. Can you do. jeff bezos. Can you do jay z. Can you do whoever like all right. I mean it's fun. I enjoy it and his interest in. We started doing once a week. And then we got more suggestions so then became twice a week and then we got to the point where there were over two thousand different requests for. Hey can you do this person. This person this subject and then decided okay. I guess let's go daily on it. you know. I thought one a week. Maybe fifty people a year fifty two people a year so it evolved out of again what what the market was saying they cared about and also what was fun for me to make. Yeah and so obviously realized that there was a there was a formula. On my stride. There was a way of doing it. That were better than another way. And did you realize that. Hey i'm actually getting a lot of us. I'm doing a lot of an audience. And so people are starting to see more of the stuff. That maybe i want them to see and not just the motivational sort of stuff or is it always kind of been leaning towards that so i suppose my question is. Is it more a focus on what they want drip feeding in what we want or what. We want defeating in what they want. I think the key is. It's that combination right. It's not one or the other. It's both and that's where you win. If you're trying to sell a product and they see you know some click final stuff on your on your background. Their right if you're if you're selling a product it's it's something that if you love your product but there's no market for it then you've just got this hobby that you like doing for yourself from. That could be a fun fulfilling hobby but it's not the business unless there's demand for it what if you go into a market where there's hot demand but you don't care about it. You're probably going to lose because you're going up against people who love doing that thing and so it's in that intersection of what you love doing with what there's actually demand for that. You can create products services videos etc. Yeah i've seen through your website and your videos. You've got a lot of an incredible influential guests. Seth godin tony robbins. Dhingra zero see gary check. At what point did you start getting either interest from them to come on your show what we started reaching.

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