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Former President George Bush wife, Laura Bush, and Jeb Bush among the family members on hand is tributes were made today, the body of the Republican former president will lie in state at the capitol rotunda until Wednesday when a state funeral will be held at the National Cathedral. President George H W Bush died Friday he was ninety four years old President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump were among those paying their respects today subpoenas will be coming soon it in Malaya men's lawsuit against the president NPR's. Jessica Taylor reports. A federal judges ordered that discovery can proceed the attorney general of Maryland. And the district of Columbia are preparing to move forward with subpoenas for President Trump's businesses in their lawsuit alleging he is in violation of the US constitutions volume clause the list of subpoena targets will be released on Tuesday, the lawsuit zeroed in on the Trump International hotel, and whether or not the president has profited from. In both foreign and state government spending at the hotel. This is the first time in history. The emoluments case has ever gone to trial. There have been questions about Trump's legal and business entanglements ever since he took office which had been compounded by the President Trump used to release his personal tax returns and his hesitation to sever ties with his business empire. Jessica taylor. NPR news, Washington. Margaret off the globe saw gains today. Thanks to investor optimism over an apparent trade truce announced over the weekend by China in the US more from NPR's. Emily Sullivan, month-long trade war. That's vexed. International markets saw the temporary truce after President Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping held a meeting in Argentina, the US was planning to increase tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods on January first but will hold off for now. The Dow opened with a bang this morning, but then fell back a bit closing up two hundred eighty seven points. Just over one percent. The broader s and p five hundred index was also up about one percent and the tech-heavy NASDAQ. Doc gained just over one and a half percent markets in Asia saw an even larger boost the hang sang and Shanghai composite. Both closed up at more than two point five percent. Emily Sullivan, NPR news, Washington, and you look at some other market numbers. The NASDAQ was up one hundred and ten points the SNP rose thirty points today. You're listening to NPR from news. I'm Tiffany Cam. High. Judge today ordered California's insurance Commissioner to liquidate as central valley insurance company that covered several properties destroyed by the campfire. Here's take sukey Lewis last week, Mercedes property and casualty company told state regulators. It wouldn't be able to pay out approximately sixty four million dollars in claims expected to stem from campfire losses. Now, the California insurance Guaranty association that acts kind of like an FDIC for insurers will take over Mercedes'. Outstanding claims the insurance commissioners office says. It's analyzing other companies that do business in the paradise area. And hasn't identified any other companies at risk of insolvency insurance? Commissioner spokeswoman Nancy can Kate says, this is the first case she could recall of wildfire forcing property insurance company out of business. I'm sukey Lewis cake news, a San Francisco board of supervisors committee has approved a plan to cover some attendance costs for students at City College of San Francisco. The proposed free City College fund would last at least a decade and expand a year old pilot program City College instructors season Englander told the committee. It would be an investment in the city's workforce. Not only does it raise wages for many San Franciscans who can better afford to live here. But it provides jobs for the next generation. The full board is expected to vote on the proposal next week. If approved it.

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