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South Africa thank you so much for being with us Thank you so much for helping us Seven counties along Florida's coastline are under a state of emergency in response to a red tie that is killing marine. Life and devastating tourism in the state the red, tide is caused, by toxic algae bloom and so far two hundred sixty seven tons of marine, life including a twenty, one foot whale shark have washed. Ashore since the bloom began last month the state of emergency. Was also declared for a blue green algae bloom that began in lake Okeechobee state officials have now allocated more than one. Million dollars towards cleanup and. Restoring tourism Tracy phenomena is a staff scientist, says, the at the mote marine. Librarian, Sarasota and she joins me. Now Tracy thanks for being with us Hi great great to be here thank you and so what's happening in the Gulf this red tide and what's happening inland and lake Okeechobee are considered to be. Toxic algae blooms can you tell us what the, difference between these, two are that's a great question and it's something really important for people to, understand so red tide, is a harmful species of phytoplankton. We get seventy percent of our oxygen from Fido plankton but, some species are harmful meaning that they release a toxin now cyanobacteria are a it's kind of an umbrella term for photosynthetic. Bacteria meaning that they make. Their own food using sunlight there our son, ObamaCare, that are absolutely imperative for. For, the health of the Everglades Is this something that. For, for I'm definitely, not a scientist so I'm trying to understand how, this is being why is it growing is it. Because, the temperature in the oceans are rising as it pollution what's what's forcing this To really sorta take. Over the Florida waterways great so I have a hypothesis about that so we know that if, a, bloom red tide, bloom although initiated offshore if it's close enough. To shore can use surface water, nutrients to sustain or even exacerbate we just don't know to what level because we don't have the data as far as saying oh bacteria of blooms go there a direct response of nutrient loading. So urban is Asian fertilizer use even even dog, poop that, people choose not to, pick up that all adds to the nitrogen phosphorus, in our surface water runoff and seeds that cyanobacteria now into this being. Obviously an environmental concern they're also which Florida as you know has also you. Know battling on many fronts and? We've reported on this here, on the takeaway but it's also starting to affect. People's lives and people's? Wallets last Sunday there were a few hundred people in thirty spots across? The state that join Hands along the beach to, protest, the quality of the, water and I wanna play a clip from a resident. Of. Stuart Florida her name is Kelly west. It's been worse than ever.

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