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Eight year streak without a bad day. Mr. today streak without abandoning his good friend, Michael he has Benjamin solich you can follow him on Twitter at Benjamin. So like, that's SOL, aka Ben, how're you doing brother, man. Every day is a good day to be alive. Mike. I'm glad to be on the podcast. Glad to have not abandoned you for two days in a row if you continue to give me intros like that. However that Streep will not last very long so bed. We've got the main topic for today is going to be previewing the eagles defense and how they match up against the vaunted Redskins offense led by Colt McCoy before we get in call of that. Let's jump into because we don't. Have a regular injury report. Like, we would from a Wednesday. We're recording on Thursday morning. So we haven't gotten that injury report yet other than the vague week to week day to day Doug, speak, which you have to kind of Wade through. But Ben one thing that we do know. And Jim Schwartz alluded to this in his press conference. I loot it to it on the last show. But on the first drive against the giants last week linebacker Nigel Brandon broke his thumb in three places more than two more than two. That is correct. He actually got surgery on it. He now has a cast on that hand. I believe he's still planning to play. But I haven't been the most complimentary of brands play this year. But if it's no, Jordan Hicks. No Nigel brattle. The report is that it's named Gary who would take on Mike linebacker responsibilities in which case, theoretically, he would be making the defensive calls, and that is a frightening proposition considering how he played against the giants. And I mean at that. Point you hope to get on T Maddox back who is day to day right now, quote, unquote, and maybe you can go more big nickel. Which would allow you to put Malcolm Jenkins more in the box in that type of role names linebacker role that he played a lot last year. And I would argue that he would be the one making the by calls 'cause I guarantee you, and this was on film pre snap against the giants that he knows the calls a lot better than Gary. And can execute them a lot better. And if Gary has the same number of snaps as KOMO gruza hill, again, I might lose my mind than I don't think that'll be good. Mike question is what has Gary done all this year. I don't know to indicate right? Like, I'd rather see ROY Reynolds out there, then Gary at least the rois played in the league for more years and has a better idea for what's going on. It's obviously more athletic limited. But I feel like Reynolds will probably just give you more in terms of snap the snap consistency. And. Yeah. Like being in the spot, you expect him to be in when it was a three way battle for will. You know with like Joe Walker need Gary in KOMO back. Back in training camp. And this was the thing I Mike. My bet was Gary I said, I think Gary, and you're gonna have taken a step forward. And then you saw in training camp E simply just doesn't look comfortable in short zones. Obviously got the safety background you played safety. Mike your way deep back there. You can you have to react to things quicker because you have greater distance to cover, but it's not like things are happening in front of you, very bang, bang, bang, bang, bang when you're linebacker, and you're so much closer line of scrimmage playing these zone coverages you have to be much more instinctive and kind of things a little bit better on Gary. I think really struggles with that something that you saw where he doesn't really know how to get to his particular spot drops when he's got a hug curl where he's got a curl flat. Depending on the route concept, you obviously have to change your zones when we talk by these pattern matching ideas, these are things that Gary seems to very much struggle with and then you put a two hundred thirty four actually he's gone bigger two hundred.

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