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Black when you look at big is that's been in a w. so-far continue to be a in a w. so far malachi black is moreover then all of the big guys we have seen dare i say even more popular them. Brodie lee when brodie lee was alive leads beyond his. That's great that everybody with attributes and yes. Nobody's passing affected the wrestling community. Truly a shocker. Like brodie lee. I remember being here on this show and we did our tribute to brodie lee. Encourage you guys to go check out that. A t shirt that was being given away their What was it collar and elbow. They they had the special brodie lee shirts that were that were made up. I had got wine occurs. A lot of you guys do get them and all that right remember how out a particular period it was when brody half past. But let's be honest and we really got to beyond his here before brody past l. most people. Yeah yeah he's okay but you know had is dark orders. Shit brody's a high You know it was only after he pass the legacy pretty much expand. It was only after he passed. Did dead you know he he go to these new heights and and everything but if you're just really just before he passed ages really kinda stop just factor him in factor in all the big guys. There's been e w up to this point malachi black has pretty much just crushed all those guys he has so a w is in a. They're in a unique position right here. You know now. Some of you may ask the question. We'll do you turn malachi black. No you don't turn malachi black. You keep leading him do his thing i think. Honestly if you're gonna have a baby face ultimately dethroned malachi black give him that i Defeat in eight. W it's not at the hands of cody. Rhodes you give that to somebody else..

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