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Kim FOX counties inspector general will investigate her office's handling of empire. Aker jussie smollet criminal case box pledges her full cooperation with the probe her office has of course, come under heavy criticism for the decision to drop charges against mullet in connection with an alleged attack hoax. Meantime, the city of Chicago filed suit against Millette yesterday for the cost of investigating his controversial case after the actor refused to reimburse the city, the lawsuit suggests Chicago may go after more than the one hundred thirty thousand dollars originally requested from small at at city hall are Bill Cameron says there are new federal bribery charges related to alderman, Ed Burke, who's already charged with tempted extortion in another case, these charges are not against Burke, but against lake forest real estate developer, Charles que-. He's charged with stirring legal business to Burke in exchange for getting a permit and two million. In tax increment financing in two thousand sixteen and twenty seventeen for his north west side development at six corners in years past it burqas famously said there are only three ways in autumn leaves the city council the ballot by the jury box or the pine box and with a wiretap on his cellphone Edberg may be exiting the city council one day because if a jury box at city hall Bill Cameron to eight ninety new President Trump is doubling down on a proposal to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities around the country as political payback for their refusal to help him fight illegal immigration giving strong consideration to having people after a twenty period. Because again, you're not allowed legally to hold them for more than that. We will move them into sanctuary cities. Chicago is a century city. Mayor Emanuel says he'd welcome they immigrants with open arms and the twenty four year old man was arrested after an incident today in Minnesota involving a five year old boy that may have been. Pushed or thrown off a third floor balcony inside the mall of America. Here's Bloomington police chief Jeff pot child did suffer significant injuries. The child has been transported to the hospital. In surely receiving care. Authorities are trying to figure out a motive for the incident because.

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