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He's giving interviews while getting ready for the start of this. Time with Letterman the show with Letterman and he's talking about how bad he feels for Louis c. k. and Roseanne Barr. And he's looking at this through his perspective, which is the celebrity entertainment bubble. And this is what he says. She was just so broken and crying constantly. Speaking of Roseanne they're very few people that have gone through what they have losing everything in a day. Of course, people will go what about the victims? But you know what the victims didn't have to go through that and now and now you get everybody pouncing because he said the wrong thing and understandably pouncing because he's looking at it through, I would lose everything. He wants the right to be a comedian and to be free without losing everything. He wants to be able to work in that space that I get it, but he's making victims of people who are not victims, right? He's make. He's sitting here comparing and that's what people are getting bothered by its victims went through a lot worse. Yeah, of course. Not just a lot worse. Also, Louis came Roseanne Barr victims. They're not they, they did something. And then something happened to them as opposed to Louis c. k. was doing to others, which is the victims. It's a, it's a really clumsy odd stupid way for norm to say, hey, I just wanna go back to being able to walk into a club and say what? How long. But here I get this part right? Because I get how many members are always worried about losing everything they've built in a day. That must stink that you've heard me say for years to feel bad when the penalty is national shame who the hell wants to go through what Louis c. k. and Roseanne Barr going through where it's just this national shame, but they're not the victims here. And so normal. Donald is apologizing profusely profusely. And I gotta think it's because he wants to take care of that TV show because it will vanish fast and he's never had television success. He's funny, but he's never had television. Szeswith all the shows that he's doing now. He's being backed by Letterman on something. And so when I ask you this question, what do you do if you're Letterman, what do you do? If your, if your McDonald, you do what? He did apologize profusely. But what do you do if you're Letterman? Because we've seen with this stuff. That the flames climb high and fast the outrage arrives quickly. Everyone's trying to out do each other telling everyone how stupid nor McDonald is and we all pounds because somebody said the wrong thing around the thing that we're talking. And then you have a guy who is supporting a project with the guy who said the wrong thing, backing a guy. And so it also, but also though also not irrelevantly. With the backing of investors who are willing to lose billions in pursuit of all this stuff. Billions like net flicks is just like Netflix has the power to withstand whatever wishes to withstand right if Netflix, which is to support nor McDonald, and just keep the show. It will if it wishes to support David Letterman will right. But what is Letterman do that's no, but in this climate it makes some of it difficult and understand because we just talked to David Spade about this the other day. I understand why comedians of a certain age you're saying, no, please don't shift everything for me. Why can't I just do? Why can't I do the offensive stuff? It's comedy, give me freedom to say whatever I want absolute freedom. I get why they're all saying that they're all looking at it through their prison, largely male prisons and not hearing what women are saying. No, we're the victims when it comes to Louis c. k. not Louis c. k. donlevatar violate Jane. Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, stugatz Harry, Hurrell Farrell, ferrall Farrell. Perry Farrell, VC's liveth our show with this two guys on ESPN radio texter has thundered in with the straight talk. Stugatz..

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