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These are similar like kept saying in patches or even nicotine patches in their specially formulated with ingredients. That will help carry things through the skin. That normally would have a hard time penetrating if can avenue. It's like CPA can soak through the outer layer of the skin the epidermis and reached the lower layer of the skin the durmus than it could end up reaching blood vessels and then getting into the blood and being distributed throughout the body. But we'll see B D actually help keep your skin healthy right now. Currently in the market. There's much there's a seavy. Beauty focused product star. Willoughby's does usually between oil or a beauty. Serra whatever it is right not necessarily like a clean base like like the treatment Roger that sense so I think a lot of times clients when they have asked me. They are association. Oil means more oil. Right right it's gonNA produce more oil right so right accusations so to break down that association to treat with oil is it takes some time for people to get used to you know if your if your skin issue. I think with fires much more intensive care we do suggest you to internally to take it as a tincture also a method to us. Well Abby. A- I find that to be romy percent the best approach as much as we advocate taking it for time and then stopped me. I did that myself. I took it for eight months straight and then I stopped taking two months to see what were wise and all that and the first thing. That was my skin by really. Oh yeah very like that was the first thing I noticed my skin wasn't as Halsey was as a internally glowing not like internally glowing As it was when I was on it that was my outside of the pain. Management course at that was my biggest motivator nowadays whenever meet people that was the first thing they say that your skin looks naturally low in honestly nothing's changed but my just the incorporation of CD my life to with you so you can see that. Cbs activity in the body is diverse and complex. We still don't understand the whole picture yet. And don't let anybody tell you otherwise yet despite our lack of knowledge about CBD evidence does seem to indicate that it's a pretty safe compound even if some regulatory agencies disagree. I've seen a lot of people. Conflate even an presentations at conferences can flay the side effect profile of pure. Cbd At high dosage to see bb in general. And that's not a fair comparison. I would save a Connecticut. Dial despite its many complex mechanisms of action is an extremely safe drug with very few adverse events the most common adverse effects associated with CBD or things like lethargy appetite disruptions and gastro intestinal distress. But everyone reacts to things differently and an uncommon cases. Some people may react unfavourably. Cbd just like they might anything else but like THC. It's incredibly difficult if not impossible to overdose or die from using CBD at extremely high dosages of fifteen milligrams per kilogram of body weight or higher. It is possible to cause liver damage with CBD but it's also very uncommon for anyone to ever take dosages that high to put this into perspective that equates to a dose of around one gram of pure cbd for someone that weighs around one hundred and forty pounds or sixty two kilograms for someone like myself that weighs closer to two hundred pounds that does have be closer to grandma and a half or fifteen hundred milligrams of CBD to put this issue into better perspective. Consider THAT MOST CD. Products readily available in the market have serving sizes feature doses of between five and fifty milligrams of CBD According to the Safety Data Sheet for EPA DIALECTS CBD is tolerated well in humans orally at dosages up to fifteen hundred milligrams per day based on the history of research that exists. It's clear that. Cbd has a lot of potential as a medicine. Research indicates it may be effective at treating things like anxiety. Depression sleep various forms of specificity pain. Bacterial Infections and inflammation. When it comes to skin treatment it might be effective in battling acne and regulating inflammation of the skin. It is true a lot more research is still needed to understand how to best unlocked therapeutic potential CD but it's clear that CD is certainly not another snake oil but like many things there's a lot of nuance around the topic. One of the big issues that needs to be understood as what dosages are needed to elicit therapeutic effects while we have a pretty good understanding of what dosages not to exceed to stay safe. We don't have a clear picture of what dosages to shoot forward to achieve targeted therapeutic effects under different conditions this is why many consumers of CBD are leaving it up to trial and error to find the dose that works best for them and then of course the other sneaky problem is at would dosages CBD actually active and which dosages are people mostly just experiencing placebo effects. This is a problem that plagues cannabis research. Broadly and we need to understand these issues. Better course another side to the puzzle is if people are experiencing placebo effects than is that necessarily a bad thing considering the safety profile of CBD. My personal opinion is Maybe it's not such a bad thing as long as you're not breaking the bank to get CD in the first place and this brings us back around to where we started in that CD products currently. You're heavily inflated in value although the CB market is rapidly devaluing and we should see the prices of a lot of CD products. Come much more in line with traditional herbal supplements in years to come. I think it's also critical to acknowledge that. Cd is not a wonder drug. It provides relief for some people facing certain conditions. But it doesn't help everyone in fact in some research. Trials CD actually exacerbated symptoms like seizures. Specificity in some people as we've discussed before on this podcast. There's no such thing as a magic bullet drug natural product or plant. That's going to provide nothing but positive benefits to all people all of the time. That's just not the way things work however clearly. Cbd HOLD SOME SERIOUS POTENTIAL. So let's briefly review. We've learned we've learned that. Cd is a common can have found hemp varieties of cannabis. But it's found in most varieties of cannabis in general varying concentrations. Cbd's not intoxicating THC is however it is psychoactive because it does affect neurons research into CBD really took off in the nineteen seventies and eighties but researchers didn't really begin to understand how CD affected the body until the early two thousands see but he doesn't interact with cannabinoid receptors very much directly but see but he does interact with cadaver interceptors indirectly by stimulating. The production. Of Mine in inhibiting the INS. I'm far or F. A. H. That would typically break into my down. Cbd Interacts with a host of other chemical receptors. In the body including miscellaneous g protein coupled receptors Fanta Lloyd receptors serotonin receptors denison receptors and gamma receptors and there are others interacts with as well. Cd inhibits enzymes in the liver that are responsible for breaking down many common drugs which can lead to elevated concentrations of those drugs in the body because of this. It's important to communicate with your healthcare provider if you're taking. Cd ALONG WITH OTHER MEDICATIONS. That may be affected. By the grapefruit effect is generally well tolerated by most people at dosages as high as one thousand five hundred milligrams per day common side effects include lethargy gastrointestinal distress and appetite changes at dosages above fifteen milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight liver. Damage could begin to take place the L. D. Fifty of CBD is thought to be somewhere about two hundred milligrams per kilogram of body weight or over twelve grams of pure cd for an average size person. Cbd's exhibited promises a medicine to treat things like epilepsy anxiety. Depression material infections pain inflammation and ACSI among other things but more research is needed to properly understand exactly what CDs effective at treating and at what doses currently the only CD pharmaceutical approved in the United States is drug called EPA dialects for the treatment of certain forms of epilepsy in children. In other countries you could also find. Tvd in the cannabis dried pharmaceuticals which features a standardized cannabis extract with equal parts CBD and THC CD's seems to be most effective at dosages above two and a half milligrams per kilogram of body weight or above around one hundred fifty milligrams for an average person. Though there is evidence that some people may find relief at much lower dosages the form of C B D can affect its efficacy and every clinician. I spoke to recommended broader full spectrum. Cbd Extracts over isolates and that it's best to start at a very very low sub clinical dose and slowly. Titrate your way up until you find your minimum effective.

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