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I am pretty uncomfortable with how attractive i find lady elaine lady elaine yeah she lives in a museum no not lady allow stick to it yes jesse stagger guns he's your she's she she has a lot of opinion she lives in a museum she out she's clearly click keyed into the arts what okay so i have some thoughts about lady elaine that i'd like to share lady aber l'an lady averil in the human woman is very beautiful woman which you know who cares when you're a child care i think you do maybe as a kid if they put an ugly woman and ugly and ugly anybody i would have been like no thank you i have standards i would like pretty people only show me the scale yes yeah exactly hey mr hooper do sit up actually i would turn off the tv when like neighborhood friends who were not smoking hot thank you it'd be like nope i'll i'll be back when he showed me how to make a crayon this is disgusting yeah komo mr hooper you're appearing on camera with cookie monster and we all know daddy thicke cookie dough mind that's of fun right lady ever l'an is a beautiful woman and it terrifies me and apparently georgia woman always terrified you know it just terrifies me in the context of the land of maple leaf okay i don't think sexuality is really part of the land of make believe necessarily jesse i was king friday has a son and a wife behind the sun show up i mean i just always thought a stork l okay where kids come from jesse i have three kids how many kids do you have i don't have any okay so i have three kids and such rallies never been part of my life belief that.

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