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Fox News. Fewer than 10. People still listed as unaccounted for outside Nashville, where officials have also just lowered the confirmed number of deaths and flash flooding to 18 as search crews navigate the devastation. We actually saw teams from the sheriff's office out here with the search dogs song through heavy tree limbs, looking for bodies or any signs of life, and you have to imagine how difficult this task is. For these rescue teams they have to navigate around roads that have been cracked up and washed away vehicles that were swept away. By the tidal wave of water that rushed through here in buildings that have been lifted and tossed off of their foundations. Charles Watson in Waverly, Tennessee, New York's new governor, Kathy Hogle, just announcing she'll mandate masks in schools statewide and wants either vaccinations or testing for school staff. It's her first day on the job sworn in after Andrew Cuomo's resignation took effect at midnight. He's still under investigation for a variety of allegations. Hogle was pressed on calls by some for Cuomo to face greater accountability going to leave that in the hands of the the assembly. They've been conducting themselves with great professionalism, and I'm going to allow the continuation of the separation of branches of government allow them to do their work. Meantime, Cuomo is no longer an Emmy winning governor of the honor for his covid briefings has been rescinded The International Academy Of television arts and Sciences, said that they have taken back the Emmy Award after he resigned as governor over sexual harassment allegations. In a statement, the academy said that it was rescinded in light of the New York Attorney general's report and Andrew Cuomo's subsequent resignation. Cuomo resigned after the report found he had sexually harassed 11 women. He initially refused to step down. But when pressed by political heavyweights like President Biden eventually did, Cuomo maintains he didn't touch anyone. And appropriately boxes. Michele Pelino stocks finished higher. The Dow up over 30 points at the close, the NASDAQ topping 15 K and Lisa Brady Fox News..

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