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A judgment of God and in many times when there's a famine, there is a judgment of God in the Bible. So you have this this this son squanders money and in boom famine hits could a famine be in our near future if you go to the grocery store right now, I'm willing to bet on the canned food all you're going to see large cans of food that weren't There five months ago at the beginning of Kovin all through the first three months of this shutdown in lockdown those large cans weren't there trying to be a doomsday prep or anything like that. But I want you to be aware that there could be something coming that God is going to judge this land and we have to be prepared to steal stand firm even in the face of God judging a wicked nation that could be fires that could be. Earthquakes. That could be covid nineteen. Even we don't really know what God has planned in what he is using as a judgment, but we have to be willing to say as believers whatever happens I'm am going to continue to stand firm on the word of God. I am not going to bow the knee. I'M NOT GONNA give in I'm not gonNA give up I'm going to continue to remain faithful even amidst a faithless world, and here's our hope that Christ said that he was going to build his church and then again if you were to look at Romans chapter. Eleven. You see there is a remnant, their chosen by God to be the church, carry out the things with faithfulness that he has called us to do. So what is us? What does it look like for us? What are we going to be? What are we gonNA do are we going to be part of that Rimet? Are we going to be part of ones that bow down and we we back off because we don't want to lose our life we don't WanNA lose our churches. We don't want to lose our voice, our platform, whatever the case may be..

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