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Medical Bill Issue We're seeing hospitals suing their patients for unpaid bills. I mean a lot of this goes back to individuals the caller from earlier who just cannot pay the higher deductibles higher out of pocket costs But we're we're seeing profiteering tyring all over the healthcare system Michael there's profiteering all over the healthcare system and I'm sure it's in Colorado to what what's your prediction you know. Go the GO-TO years out for me and predict what costs overall cost in. Colorado are going to look like once you get your public option in place in more people in the marketplace as have access to it so I think costs will be reduced and I want to touch on one thing that you you two were just talking about as far as the the community purchasing model itself itself So it's not just the individual and small group. It's it's the entire marketplace. Oh the individual the small group and large group markets and self funded plans as as well. That's where we think there are some real key differences between what's been done before and what the consumer purchasing model really is putting forth But as far as overall Kassir concerned we think that we're we're attacking costs on on multiple different fronts. Were trying to bring transparency to our hospital systems in amount that folks are actually paying for For their care when they go to hospitals we're trying to bring More affordability through obviously the public option and the alliances. There's there's a real. There's a real focus with this administration that we are going to do everything that we can bring more affordability to our system as the governor would say we want people to stop being ripped off on healthcare so in the in two years to answer your question directly tied you're gonNA see cost lower in Colorado but that will endure to the benefit of Colorado's you're gonNA see Colorado with more affordable healthcare well if the experiment and Colorado works other states will have to take notice. That's how it's supposed to work Julie Rovner. Let's pull back from Summit County. Let's pull back from Colorado. We're talking about innovation in one county a public option in Colorado. Really what we're talking about it is is an American healthcare system. That is a a patchwork mess we wouldn't be having these discussions. If Washington hadn't been able to pass cohesive coherent healthcare policy we. We don't have to go down a rabbit hole of blaming Congress but really these little innovations around the country that we're talking about our because we have a broken system absolutely and I think you know we've had a broken system for many many years. The affordable care act was a step but only a step towards trying to rationalize some of it. But we have I think a different crisis that's popped opt since the affordable care act pass. It used to be you were healthcare. Have you had insurance or have not. You didn't have insurance now. We're hearing from people who have insurance and still can't afford their healthcare. That's a different kind of problem. And I think that's what's really driving policymakers. Because now we're not talking about you know fifteen percent of the country we're talking talking about almost everyone fascinating. I'm going to give the last word to Sally who's listening listening right now. And she wrote this as a Canadian. My mind is at ease knowing knowing that no matter where I might break my leg or have a baby. My Bill will be the same as my neighbor spelled with a u zero dollars. I feel incredibly. Sorry sorry for the people on your show knowing that any illness could bankrupt them. It must be a terrible dilemma. Trying to decide which family member gets health insurance. That note comes from our our neighbors to the North Canada which has as we know single payer healthcare. We've been speaking to Colorado's Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway Michael Thank you so much wjr. Thank you todd. And Julie. Roger My longtime colleague chief Washington correspondent with Kaiser Health News host of the. What the health podcast? WHO has a new article out out on Kaiser Health News? NPR say are a new a new piece on NPR looking at nine Issues in healthcare in the election. Is that right. That's right this conversation. Asian was produced by Amanda Williams with help from K. U. N. C.. Scott Franz. It was edited by Matthew Simonsen K.. UNC is northern Colorado's public radio. It's one of our one A.. Across America Partner Stations One across America.

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