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Good morning. It's nine zero three. We have a lot of sunshine. Fifty degrees right now warming up to near seventy with Mike Rogers and Amanda garra. I'm Scott, SAM's. This is the KRLD morning news. Thank you for being with us this morning disturbing new report number of teachers in Texas accused of soliciting sexual relationships with students has increased for the tenth consecutive year. KRLD's Mitch car has our top story. The Texas education agency report for the twelve months ending September. First shows a forty two percent increase from the previous year four hundred and Twenty-nine cases of improper relationships were open to the past fiscal year. And the lead investigator for the TA says much of that increase is due to Senate Bill seven the state law. Expands the requirements for reporting improper relationships and increase the penalties for school officials who failed to report such cases. The state Senate education committee held a meeting Tuesday. And also attributed the increase to more teachers acting inappropriately as well as greater awareness prompted by the hashtag metoo movement, Mitch card NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. We could find out today, whether former Dallas police officer, amber, Geiger will be charged for shooting and killing it on armed men. A Dallas county grand jury will continue to hear evidence today in the death of both John Geiger claims she shot. John by mistake thinking she was in her own apartment, and that he was an intruder John's mother was put on the stand to give testimony during yesterday's proceedings. Dow's defense attorney George Milner is not personally involved with the case, but says the DA's office used John's mother purely to target some heartstrings shortly is influencing the DA's behavior. It's not unusual for a high profile case to be handled a little bit differently because there's more public attention on the grand jury is considering charges for Geiger, including manslaughter and murder. However, it could also decide that she did not commit a criminal act and non died her. At all that decision could possibly be reached by this afternoon. Kristen Wisel NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD city of Fort Worth. And representatives from the T R E will meet today to talk about safety improvements at the Callaway cemetery crossing last week six people were hurt after an eighteen Wheeler crashed into a TR eat train at that location. They had August another crash. They're killed two other people T R E and Fort Worth city leaders will talk about how to stop crashes happening at that crossing in the future in Dallas one firefighter is still in the hospital this morning after yesterday's massive condo fire to other firefighters in a person who lived at Cambridge park condo's were also taken hospital. They've been released many people who live there say they didn't have time to grab anything before having to run for the lies is, hey, it was hard to watch the fire destroy everything they own..

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