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I wasn't a modem wiz racist so he went off on these two employees were speaking spanish in a restaurant near where his office was and moving on with of restaurants i suppose we got a video posted to the page of his guys it's rose like you know i like like i don't know if this is like a chain restaurant or something but there's this guy he's interested in recording and this young black female employees is kind of going back and forth with an asian woman who album assuming the assistant manager and then the manager of the owner whoever he is you know comes around there and smacks the girl now i don't care who you are okay if you my balls in that the moment you put your hands on me give going beyond the realm of any sort of reasonable reprimand or even sort of discussion like it was completely ridiculous like have you ever had somebody come at you sideways at work now not that bad not i can imagine that bay i think that's a rarity like people getting their hands put on my work yeah not mean you have people who do like the low key shade thing whatever you know as and that's when you get them whereas my last exactly exactly the corporate thugging now no definitely not i will say watching the video i feel like her face after he hit her was the perfect representation of when i often talk about us being conditioned to have this fear within us again i feel like that's what was displayed on her face because you have to consider like a million things before you react she could have reacted has she hit him she'd been wanna go to she would have been the one that went to jail when the police got there she may not have made it to jail so you have to think way beyond right like oh i just wanna go ahead and pop back off you know you won't nigger nigger here you know you can't always give it to them you could tell she was conflicted like do i hit him or do i take this other out and that's the reality of like i've never had anybody put their hands on me and i'm not so sure i would i think are kind of give the impression.

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