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To become the next governor. I today announce I am running for governor of the great State of Wisconsin. A Republican Rebecca Kleefisch, throwing her hat in the ring this morning, she tells WTMJ Scott Waris, she's ready to unseat Governor Evers is so not up to this moment in history. It's time we replace him with someone who is strong and that is why I am running for governor. Wisconsin Democrats admonishing Kleefisch for the work she did alongside former governor Scott Walker, who lost to Evers in November of 2018, Wisconsin. Democrat Chairman Ben Wikler platform going into 2022 is to double down on things that the voters don't like. It's more of the same extremist radical platform that really is out of step with the values of Wisconsinites. We know that Governor Evers is a strong and steady leader who Wisconsinites fundamentally trust. Wisconsin's gubernatorial election will be held November 8th of next year, the White House, saying federal employees will have 75 days to ramp up in the new mandatory vaccine mandate, White House press secretary Jen Psaki saying this afternoon the White House does intend to lead by good example. Federal workforce is one of the largest in the country, and we would like to be a model to what we think other Businesses and organizations should do around the country. President Biden expected to give remarks a little bit later this afternoon here at home, a middle school, with roughly 500 students in Milwaukee, moving virtually for the next 10 days. MPs says Morris Middle School temporarily moving to an online learning model after roughly 3% of its population tested positive for Covid 19 over the last 14 days. District spokesperson would not confirm to The Journal Sentinel. How many students had tested positive. The union representing Milwaukee public School teachers, once the city of Milwaukee to reimpose an indoor mask mandate citywide, Mt. EA President Amy Missy Alco says they also want the school districts to identify his teachers to get vaccinated port staff vaccine requirements. So long as employees are given the recognized legal exceptions for vaccine requirements and that all legal rights of our members are observed. MPs announced that Morris Middle School was moving back to virtual learning for the next 10 days because of that outbreak, and it's day number four at summer fest. And after a slow first few days, there's optimism that the festival grounds will feel a bit more full this weekend Journal Sentinel music writer Pete Levy telling Wtmj really reminds me of kind of a really slow Sunday or Tuesday before times, So that's rough for the vendors for summer fast. They have a couple of shows this weekend that at the empathy that has sold really well, so I think attendance might pick up this weekend that set from a consumer standpoint, it's kind of the best summer fest to go to Headliners this weekend include Chris Stapleton Tonight, Zac Brown Band Tomorrow and Dave Chappelle on Saturday Sports Traffic and whether our Next sighting unlimited wtmj news time 204. News is sponsored by outdoor Living Unlimited taking your outdoors to a higher level.

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