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Bulls for the Dick's it's all about next year and beyond they made that clear with yesterday's trade of Kristaps Porzingis for now they're left with an eleven game losing streak at ten and forty record worst in the NBA. They'll host the Celtics aspirations of a championship. They won seven of the last eight the nuggets go for their fifth straight tonight at home against the rockets, and what appears to be an offensive showdown Millsap said they're more than ready. Awesome. Yes. Davis is falling a little bit. But we we've been able to find ways to get starts. Not a stretch Spurs to to like lock team down the nuggets trail the warriors by game and a half of the top spot in the west and college action Michigan on the road tonight at Iowa the only meeting between the two teams this year. I'm rich Ackerman. Let's his ties and on the move. We have a full recap Super Bowl fifty three. Join us Monday morning at six eastern Pacific. Next. I'd like to introduce. Southern colorado. It's your live and local sports talk show. Good and terrible. I think you to become real homie. Find these guys. I hate those guys. Here's your host Ryan Kaufman with a gun father of Colorado Springs, sports radio weei. Heels. A very Good Friday.

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