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This is a head gum podcast hey gang out now but only on our patriarch is this special wa jim bone is episode on bright we got our first episode that is patron only that has bright that the max land is david a your joint with oryx encompass and you'll need a joint tour to to get through it off i can tell you that much man so there is it's it's episode three three three and you're like way we did i miss something old i tried because this is the fate of the furious this episode three three four where's my three three three it is on the patriots but just to remind everybody you're getting the same amount of episodes on the free feed we're just doing extra stuff on the patriarch correct and the extra stuff is awesome is just so everybody knows eric is not on cocaine at my now knowing that for a minute but like i'll do my herman came nine nine nine you got three three three other patria jobs yang pu now burdening going to lecture was that 2012 yeah it was well now i so get over to patriots dot com slash we hit movies check out our episode on bright at the fivedollar and up to your and also hey man that fully organized 100 percent commercial free back catalogue the who archive is up there is a link to it we're talking episodes two through one hundred and eight all commercial free we're talking the early days of animation damnation we're talking aside order of'sleaze we're talking on screens that i have no idea what they're even fucking about air we got him were there for you i mean those movies and tv shows still exists so you'll still like those joh that's exactly right steve's of patriotic dot com slash wh am now let's get under the episode this week on we hate movies the worst or some of the worst of 2017.

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