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Mike, right. You have to be kidding. No, absolutely not. So have you met every time? This comes up, Mike. I love you have you met the bills. I have in there. And you think they would make a trade for Antonio Brown. I instantly think your team gets better for a second round pick you have to cap space. I mean who don't, but you're you're you're not you're you gotta think like the bills. What else do they take into account character makeup of a player of a person? Right. Well, I mean, you guys, and we set the same thing about marshawn Lynch we traded. The this team did not have marshawn these guys did not have marshawn Lynch these these. These guys would have traded marshawn Lynch, right? I don't know that they would have drafted Marsh unless you're right. But they would've traded him. If they inherited them. Yeah. Mike from a football standpoint. You know, you're right. You're right cap room draft picture, and he would instantly make this team better. He would clearly obviously be their number one wide receiver. But there's no way they're paying bell the money. He's going to get on the open market and with Brown. I would think he would not fit into the character of the person slash player. They want to bring into the room. Okay. So with that said, which receiver do you guys? See the bills Cohen act. After that. Even maybe twenty five percent of Antonio Brown's caliber. Well, I mean, there's a handful of guys on the market. Dante Moncrieff Dante John Brown, Adam Humphries. Handful of guys on the market. None of them are Antonio Brown. But I would I would assume they're gonna go after somebody in that they just had von Davis embarrass them. They're not about to get a guy that actually quit on his team. Good point. Actually, I mean, I listen, I'm never making the case that Antonio Brown wouldn't make them better. He definitely would. I'm just choosing to take the bills at their word when it comes to guys like Antonio Brown and even loving on bell that they wouldn't want a guy that doesn't love football so much that he wouldn't just show up and play for his brothers for his teammates. Like, there's I to me they are complete non-starters. I'll put it past the Ted Nolan game. It is more likely that Ted Nolan comes back and coaches a third stint with the sabres than the Bill signed Antonio Brown Trey for Antonio Brown. Yeah. Would you agree? It would wouldn't it be shocked? I'd be very happy me too. But it would it would I would be shocked fly in the face of everything that they represent the only way they would do it as if they felt the this is the whole we have a room strong enough that he'll be oh, can you imagine? If if if Antonio Brown blows up a Josh Allen in practice does Antonio Brown. You know, say does he go off in a post game to the media because the? Second year quarterback is getting them the ball in the right spot. I mean, so that's Mike. It's not a question of football talent. It is a question of who the person is. And whether the bills believe that there's enough to the personality to the bigger picture that it would be a bad move. And I just I would love to see them bring in a guy with that talent. I just I'm not expecting it. I I would be shocked. I'd probably be more shocked by Ted Nolan coaching the sabers for a third time. But I'd be stunned if the bills brought him in and and to me, he's the only one to discuss the Le vian belt. There's no discussion on that. There's no way they're going to give levian bell a free agent contract with the money. He's gonna he turned down what he turned down from the Steelers thirteen fourteen mill a year, no way. And you know, where that the bills are going to offer that kind of money to Levy on bell, and nor should they they should sign somebody for very cheap. Let alone another guy who sat out on the season. And you know, if bell plays all season, maybe the Steelers make the playoffs. So that's another issue in terms of off-field, Mike. Thanks, wayne. Is up next here on WGN go right ahead guys? How are you? This morning. Good. Thank you. Well, I don't know. It's like the reincarnation of Robin winter. And again, I mean is it the old hunting coach? I mean, I I understand there was some box. But the guy was out of position for so many of the goals again on goal. I mean. Visit the coaching isn't the system hate the girl there with the bills. But I mean is it the ownership, but these guys look pathetic, they're not breaking out of their own zone is a unit again. I mean defense folks, totally lost. And of course, once again, no second line center. It's just. Strating is all. Yeah. I don't the goal tending to me is not making the key saves when their team puts him in a bad position. But in terms of, you know, blaming I think Hutton to me. I just wanted to rehearse heads out right now. He's in a bad stretch. He said fluky goals beat him. He can't buy a win at this point. There were times he was playing. Well, they weren't scoring if if they score three four we'll get by him. I think he's a bad place. Mentally, I don't I wouldn't blame the goaltending. First and foremost though, but but when they're in odd man rushes when there are turnovers in their own end when there are some breakdowns. They're not bailing these guys out with big saves. And you know, they were doing that in the win streak. It's not happening now. But the bigger issue is what's going on in front of them. And you just pointed out some of those issues in terms of the scoring from the forwards, you know, the the turnovers trying to get out of your own zone. The last night the the scandal pass, what are you doing? I mean, there were just some really bad plays in their own end of the ice last night ball you and scandal breaking down on that the one goal where bowl you just. Kind of lets the guy go. So I don't know if I'm not as worried about the goaltending right now. I think it's more about what's going on in front of them. And I think there are a lot of issues Phil Housley has to address, but they just you know, at times become very sloppy and loosen their own end, and it's ended up in the back of their net. And they don't have a high scoring enough offense to overcome all this stuff. You know, they got a lot of chances. They got a lot of shots think. Jeff Skinner must add a half a dozen chances himself last night. But they didn't you know, they could not overcome all the Puck's going in and only got two goals, despite the fact that they played well offensively in terms of what they generated at least last night was a fun game to watch Rasmi, Darlene. He continues to look like he's going to be great there were he should have scored what three goals, three assists. I mean had a great chance in when he drove down into the slot. I forget who sent in the pass off the right side grew beautiful opportunity for that. You could tell he you could just tell he was feeling it the way he was going up ice in the way he was moving the offensive zone chances. He was getting he just seems more confident not just the way he was moving himself up the ice. He had to passes that were three quarters of the length of the ice from his own icing. Redline to the other blue line on the tape. The Connor Sherry on one one Thompson that he couldn't handle. Like, you're seeing you're seeing Darlene. Pull off the Carlson passes where Carlson will from his own behind his own net. Take one step and fire. A pass. That's three feet off the ice and lands on the stick of a guy on the blue line. Like Darlene did that twice last night? Whatever to a similar degree, and he moved. Well, he made plays. Listen, the sabres are as much as we're angry about what they're doing. They're in really fine shape. It's just a matter of when. And that's the frustrating thing to me. I don't want them to trade Rasmus Darlene to try to make the playoffs. It's just. You know, it's frustrating to always be told to wait and. You know, here we are. We're just we're just waiting. So a lot of I think the impatient. A lot of the frustration is impatience because they didn't even have to be that good after that ten game win streak and they've been so below that that here we all we're thinking about a playoff race. And it looks like boy, they got some work to get back in it. I think the other part of the fresh by the way, if they trade Rasmus, Darlene. I'm pulling a Ryan gates just so, you know, right now how about if they trade Rasmussen crystalline. No fine. I wouldn't quit on that. But if they trade Alina, I'm quitting. I think part of the other frustration is the teams around them. I didn't think Montreal would be better than them. And they are and even even Carolina Carolina's behind the sabers. But this is a team that fired their coach that finished behind you in the draft lottery that you looked at and thought, well, they're they're United traded their best goalscorer, and Jeff Skinner for goodness sake. And there are three points behind. They also made a rate hockey also made a big trade the Hannifin Dougie Hamilton trade for that one. So that that's part of it too. Is that you see and they've got the longer playoff drought. But you see other teams around the sabers that are now ahead. Well, are ahead of them or a passing them or maybe are now catching them like Carolina and that's frustrating. Islanders lost Gionta. Varas and signed your old goat goaltender and there are plus seventeen on gold. Did they also hired a Stanley Cup winning Costa to think of something other guys in recent years? Look at the talent that's left that team a postal friends. Nielsen left that team Mandelson. There have been some some offensive that have really when he was good news contributor. They've lost it on the. A killer. Right. Yes. Your franchise elite player, and you're better. You know, they're winning. They bring in a really good coach who's made a much better overall team and lenders playing well in goal for them and their and they're winning thought if you tell me they're losing Taveras. I would have written the islanders off. Here's a text. And I like this one whatever it's fair point tool bottles. I moves here. Getting bull you and trading for scandal. Both are awful. Dela trade was getting rid of innocent Felino, which was terrible for Minnesota. We also had to take palm villas a salary dump so bad trades by both teams rights Candela was the piece in palm. And Ville was was throwing was the take the salary in order to get scandal. And he's not playing well, no, he doesn't, you know, you don't envision him in your top six going forward and ball. You is just an extra piece, you know, put pilot back in the lineup. I know you had a bad third period against Tampa. And he had a giveaway and a penalty, whatever where you're going with some of these other guys. So let pilots stay in there for if we're it's funny. We're sitting here talking about is the plan to let them play through this and to gain experience and all that. Okay. Do that with pilot? I mean, there's there's no need to play some of these other guys on defense just let him play through this because he's going to be a piece going forward and pilot error. Excuse me ball. You shouldn't be a peace going forward scandal. Shouldn't be a peace going forward. What's because got one year left on his contract? So he probably isn't around here after that expire Betty is you think he is. He is. All right. I'm gonna go that he isn't. Because I think there'll be some other pieces, but he's he's an interesting one for how much money he's been. Okay. I'm not trying to tell you badly. How much money is Zack Lagosians making four something? Now, he's making five five, and then you're going to sign him to a multi year extension after that. I don't know. That's why I don't think he's here beyond next season. I mean is he taking a pay cut is he getting more money than he's currently making on the open market. He's a he's an interesting case with that. Yeah. I just don't envision here long-term because I just don't think he's gonna get another country's at five point one for this year and next year. Okay. What's he asking in his next deal? Six. I mean, I'm not paying that. That's why I said, I don't I just assuming Hristo is still here and Darlene is here, and I don't know about Guli or Borgen whatever else is coming up. Somebody's other parts are here pilot is here. I just don't see that happening with with big ocean beyond next season. The marks are good though. Right. The marks still good first place. I think all right. They weren't first place in their division when trust the process. I I mean, I I like a lot of things I've heard about bilateral, and he's made some nice moves the best players. They have though were high draft picks the lottery and Skinner who was right, James modules. Not really the problem here. I don't well. I mean, I don't think we should be calling for him to be fired. I don't think anybody's doing that L. But it's it's what's botulin helping he's not the problem. He's had two off seasons. And they're no better than the day. He showed up and they've won a lottery along the way I inherited to top two picks. Yeah. My my big question is I don't know. I'm not here to say should be fired. I'm here to ask. What is his plan? Is this trying is he trying to aggressively improve this team now or is he looking at this season as the growth mindset, like we're gonna let these guys play through it. And the young kids are gonna learn, and, you know, we'll let some of the veterans play who might not be here long term, and we're just gonna play through this while the guys in Rochester. We don't rush them up. They they develop on our plan and will address all the stuff in the off season. I just that's my question with bench. Will maybe good news though. The blues are winning and that draft pick of theirs might be this year. Okay. I was hoping they'd lose in the maybe they'd move some of those, you know, the parade goes or the Tarasenko Zor schenn's of the world. While they can still do that. But they're not going to necessarily move into you. No they have to..

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