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I've been minded and and and indeed. Careful and and compassionate towards families who have lost someone in a place abrasion intone have there. But generally speaking, I think medical practitioners peps because I belong to a carrying proficient a more open to what might be saying some form of correction than. Security forces often when you're holding Enquist if you know if the person's been dead for quite some time, then evidence, I suppose quality of evidence to tear at a time. There's a case study here of a woman named Joyce Jemaine and from two thousand nights, can you tell me about her case or just two men's death is the most mysterious death that I took within nine years as a Karna. She was. An American woman who came out to a stranger in the early eighties. Some rumor that she might appear nectar Bonani way, she came out here. She developed mental health problems. She live quietly and peacefully in darling host sorry Huhne's and about a week after her death because the mental health team that she was working with hadn't seen over week or so we're concerned about her the place break into flat and found dead. What state was she when they found? In a very strange state at first cloud. She would probably think that she died. Violently. Clothing was in disarray. There was at strange hard hat on his stomach a hothead hothead her construction workers had head. There was a accord of an iron around her neck. And there were there were various things in her bathroom, and laundry, which were out of place the place look deserted. Ben ransacked had anything been stolen from the place. Time to know. But it didn't appeal there was money found in the flat. So it seems unlikely robbery was a motive. Well, you know, we really don't know. So she's fending long on the floor. And she's got clothes strewn about dress pulled up to a Nick hot head on her body is according to Nick, that's right. So what do you do with that? Well, I what did happen was that? The affirmative pathologist went from glade with the place. Investigators in the frenzy experts frenzy convinced Gators and search for. Well, trying to find clues as to the cause of death. That's the first thing. She had turned that very superficial injuries the code around her neck had not inflicted a fatal injury. All really, right. Yeah. But she hadn't been hanged. She had not been hanged and she hadn't been strangled. There was no evidence of that. Now, physical evidence of it I pinpoint to put cause a medical cause of day. No. So the pathologist came up with three hypotheses icon from the mall, but. It looks on the face of it that she may well have died more people quote on natural death. But how she got into this situation with this amazing state of disarray is hard to know one of the one of the curious features of this case is that. In the in the building that she lived in. There are a number of people who used and sold drugs and one of the people who became a person of interest of name him. He was a young guy. I said it. Can from a Muslim background and it was. He was the person who it alternately turned that probably I found her dead. Hadn't run police ring police because at the time he was on an ice binge and he presumably didn't want to speak to them in that state. He also probably figured out that found with the did body in her flat was likely to raise suspicions in a state of. In that site that he was in exactly. So in any event. For quite a while the police, and indeed I very suspicious of him. But I can't have you that it was unlikely that he had her. I think what happened bows that she. She had somehow or other. Maybe died naturally or something that happened. Maybe she'd even died of fried. I don't know. But that he had come into flat possibly in the company of others. And then been surprised he had been in her flat. Sometime before with a few others who are taking drugs when she was not fair somebody had access to have flat..

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