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We are doing the damn chapter of shame bug with them canto twelve. This is a chapter vote large. She Ryan Oma defying modern daddy. She. History. We saw monetary. She meeting. The potential of the law, which is scarred. Maya. Was the news reports we had seen so today. We are going to see. Instrument bug Wadham Cantu. L chapter ten. She wind bottle at the la- defy markan dairy. She. So let me say the supreme Lord Nara had arranged. This opulent display of his building potency markan diarrhea. She having expedience Luke shelter of the lawn. Seamark? India say whole lot hurry. I dick shelter. The soles of your notice feet will based off air looseness upon all who surrendered to them. Even the great demigods bewildered by your illusory energy, reach appears to them in the guise of knowledge. So yesterday when we were discussing about markan, diary, she and many asked. The divine. Lord, not for them to show him. They lose potentially Meyer, and he got completely bewildered by it. So he's now telling the Lord that I'm really time for you for showing me this now, can you please withdraw this and you've got withdrawn? Now here in this case, he just mentioned how important it is not to get carried away by the knowledge that you have. His he it says Maya appears to them in the guise of knowledge. This is a very important statement. Late so happens that normally human beings, they feel they know a lot. So when they meet someone else they've tried to ask questions in such a way where the other person can get humiliated or is put down off feels that his nobody he doesn't have any understanding. Nominee the questions by people is do you know about this? You know, the way it is put across it shows that outta guns and the eagle. Knowledge is not supposed to raise allergens in go. I'm in should not bring a person to the point where he feels that. He is far superior than other people. Maya is in the guys off knowledge. Those who think they have too much of knowledge. My is actually playing with. So next time, please don't try to show off in this world saying that I know this, and I know that. How does this work? Say first and foremost, it's the mean, the mardi the knowledge suppose you have name which is in many often. The king Queen on some kind of designation some people how designation Dr so. And so. Have you ever noticed? How talk in this world. Pride as they have done something. Great. In the same way that are people who have begun greater degrees. They also feel noy of themselves people who know signs could. They also feel that they have. A lot of knowledge. When I came into spirituality, did the first thing that ender stood was I don't have any knowledge about sanskrit. I don't have knowledge about anything. Because every book that I I have never read that book in my life, even this page, which I have opened this was for the fun. This is for the first time in my life. I'm opening this page. So do I know anything over there? I truly there is no knowledge over there, which I can give you because. Opinions his body the body is actually empty, so please. Remember, this don't ever have this pride that you are a very knowledgeable person. Knowledge is nothing but eagle, but remember this the more than is that you have the more egoistic you're going to become and that is where Maya please are parked very. It is always better to be humble. And not sure the world that you're not too much. And this leads the reason why he sees the illusion that he potentially appears to them in the guys off knowledge. The Goswami said Lord Rudra, traveling in the sky on his bull and companied by his consort with Ronnie Irani means part of a team as well as his personal associated obser-..

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