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The post of interior minister goes to Sarah Juden Haqqani. The FBI is a $5 million bounty on his head, Senator Ben Sasse, describing her. Connie is a bloodthirsty, terrorist, armed, dangerous and running a country that we just abandoned. Risking life and limb. Women continue taking to the streets of Afghan cities. As the BBC's Yokota LaMagna explained in the face of Taliban forces, who are Coming out and firing gunshots in the air. In some cases, beating them They're still marching the streets. We've had dozens of women, not just in Kabul. But in Badakshan provinces, well coming out today we are hearing that those protests have been dispersed by the Taliban and that some protesters and some reporters Who were covering those protests have been detained Hecklers gave President Biden an earful yesterday as he toured storm damage in New Jersey. They blasted him on Afghanistan, and they mocked the president for linking natural disasters, which they say have always happened to climate change. Surely manufactured nonsense. That's how Florida Republican Governor Ron Dissenters describes talk of him running for president in 2024. I just do my job. You know, we worked hard. Obviously, you know, our state has led on a lot of things. The governor's dismissal of a 2024 run has some Trump supporters pumped up there pulling for Mr Trump. Jump into the race. Some 131 years after it was erected a towering statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee being removed today in Richmond, Virginia. Wall Street. So far this morning. Stock futures have been mixed right now. Dow futures Down a dozen points. NASDAQ Teachers one point higher S and P futures one point lower More.

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