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Bike. Okay and she unfortunately fell off the bike the it hits them santa some dirt or something and it slipped out from underneath her and it fell on her and she had a compound fracture of her lower left leg bones. Break right right exactly snap. So these are friends of mine that live in cincinnati and they have the same know orthopedic doctor friend of mine. Dr robert height. Who also is the doctor. When i was with the bengals and when tim krumrie snapped his leg in the super bowl. And that's what her leg looked like. It was snapped. You remember the when. Tim krumrie broke his leg flapping in the wind. That's how bad it was. And i always tell you the story. He stayed at the stadium and told the game was finally over because he didn't want to leave the team. You know when you have our compound fracture like that. You immediately have to set it because swelling set in and it's going to basically make it very difficult surgery if you don't set it if you don't try to set as as quickly as you possibly can. That's why they try to do at the stadium more. It's not an easy thing to goals your. If something like that happens to you so this happens to her on the beach and she knows that she's probably a good half an hour away from an ambulance showing up so there are some people that are helping our see that she's hurt and everything else. She looks down at her legs. She sees that her foot's going the wrong way. God now she's a former nurse okay. And she's on she's unbelievable. She said. I had to tell the person that was helping me and her kids. That look i got. I got a set this i got set this leg. I got to set this foot. And if you can't handle the may not want to look at this wall. She's she's sitting there and what she does is she takes her leg and she whips it over and tries to get the foot twist and snap back in place and work yes. It did work now. She said she was a former nurse. And i said oh yes i said well i mean you did birth three children as because i'd i ten more children compared to this pain. But could you imagine something that would never even occur to me to snap it back spouse or to try to get it back into place and then how she got it back into place. She's like she's always been a. I've always had great respect for her anyway. But now she's like my new hero. Of course i mean Injuries like that. And i'm not someone who squeamish when it comes to things like seeing blood or whatever but when i see athletes snap the legs and feet going another director of the dak. Prescott was bone pop through and stuff. That does smith alex smith. Horrible joe vitamin yeah. You can remember all of them. Napoleon mccallum nice basketball player in college. He was in louisville right. Yes oh my goodness. I that one. You could see the bone kevin ware. That was that was. Yeah so anyway anyways so my friend karen cassidy was funny. She had to introduce herself till like this woman and her two teenage. Yeah i guess. Kids edge goes on my name's karen of course the teenagers. It's karen no wait a minute. I'm a nice karen. I'm a nice boomer and your friends to carry right s and it's a tough karen. I might add for sure. So yeah i heard the story yesterday. I could not believe it would be just the worst in that spot. I would just be absolutely terrible. I would be screaming. Just be screaming. Yeah it'd be like i do. It might be like nancy kerrigan. That would be why it's right before the summer. Life is so unfair. That's what i'd be doing. Yeah that's why. I was always afraid of it. The salt thing is like what am i. Ruptured achilles right in the middle of sauber. Well you pulled the hamstring jammed up a quad. See i would say the giancarlo stanton of the softballs without the production. Did anybody have the quad. By the way do we make the best let this year. We didn't do it this year. We were positive vibes only on that and we decided not to make the bet and look pulled a quad. The way he's got two hits last night for the yankees in do har- harry calm. I always berry really. I mean you can. Yeah listen. I am not giving up kid. Neither of the yankees. Clearly you know. What did they see what. I see what i see and i know he got. He got off to sort coming up here. He was great and when he finally came back. But what i see is a guy when he's in a box. I see like a violent hitter. i can't explain it any other way than that like he's in there to rip away at all times even though he doesn't swing it all the great pitches and he's got like i said to a slow start but seeing him swing and hit the ball yesterday. That was good. That was good for the yankees so we forget because of everything that's gone on since two thousand nineteen season. How good he was. I mean he finished second in the rookie of the year. To show a probably should've won because he played more gain fewer. Just obsessed with otani at that point. And then i mean we never saw him again. I mean miss. The entire season is basically gone disappeared a rumor but he was great. I mean he carried that team offensive. He was their most consistent hitter that entire year. And how about the fact. And i totally forgot about this last night during the game talking. About how the mets acquired cameron may been from the cubs. Yeah for a dollar. that's right. Yeah okay kerry said you know. It doesn't reflect who cameron as a player. it reflects more the cubs willingness to give cameron. Maybe been a chance to get back up into the majors. Yeah and the last time he played if you remember. It was two thousand and nineteen with the yankees employed. Well for them. Yeah he was one of those guys one of those guys that came up in contributed when there were so many injuries. Yeah i mean it was. He was another one another one. This time flies like where does it go like. I forgot the camera. Maybe was even on the yankees in two thousand and nineteen here. We are two years later. Know i know well. I think that the pandemic thing sort of changed the whole time structure situation. Yeah like where does the time going was a loss season. Twenty twenty you know even though we talk baseball and we watch baseball and we watch the yankees and the postseason last year against the rays and all of that i mean none of it really felt real. I mean we wanted it to feel real and we tried our best to be immersed in it but now that we have these real seasons again for the most part you look back on the sixty game baseball season. It'd be like what the hell was that while it was was expanded playoffs and trying to make money and trying to keep the. You can't shut down sport. Nine and gary bettman told the nhl on is because look man we may be losing money but we cannot shut down the sport. Sport has got to be played. We gotta figure out how we're gonna play it. And because they have seven teams north of the border and canada for whatever god been on unbeknownst reason continues to keep the stupid border closed. You know they had all stay up there and play each other. Yeah and just like you couldn't have any of this travel across the border and all that other stuff and create a wacky season and the nfl season was probably the the one that felt like the lease normal out of all the nba was mostly normal. Major league. baseball is normal. traveling yeah. Football was normal. Football was normal for the most part. Right i mean. They were traveling. No fans though no no well barely any fans. It was a couple of places that some fans i just. I just feel like the nhl high to play and it created this hybrid season. And you know the one thing i will say. Though they all the player should be in by the looks of it at least in some of these early playoff games. I mean revved up. You know what i mean. They are wrapped up at. I'm in every group of players and it's like you watch one game is really physical and you gotta know that the other teams are probably watching that game. Yeah so then. Their game becomes physical. Absolutely and there's always one underdog team that has the play more physical in order to try to beat the team. They're going against. Who's probably more skilled. Florida in tampa. Yeah like yeah. That's what that series is getting a lot of attention because you know you've got the team that had a great year in florida and of course.

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